Exclusive first look at the Metropolitan Riveters’ season six uniforms

The Riveters are going to be looking cleaner than ever when they step on the ice for season six.

The Metropolitan Riveters will be one of the best-dressed teams come season six, as we get an exclusive sneak peek at the uniforms they’ll be rocking on the ice in Lake Placid.

For their home uniforms, the Riveters have opted to keep the season five design that features a white body and navy sleeves with three white stripes — paying homage to the original Rosie the Riveter and the design of Allied planes during World War II.  This uniform has also kept with season five’s sock design, which mimics the sleeves of the jersey.

The away uniform is a brand new design, though it draws heavy inspiration from the team’s history. Older fans will notice the return of the horizontal sleeve and hem stripes punctuated by rivets, giving the jersey a more industrial feel and again paying homage to their namesake figure, while the overall design is reminiscent of season two’s red body with a blue yolk. That being said, the colors of season two’s jersey have essentially been inverted to give the Riveters an entirely new identity with navy blue at the forefront.

I’m not disappointed or unhappy with this new direction.

The only qualms I have with the away uniforms are the socks, but I can admit that I don’t have any alternatives. I think a white body for the socks was the best option so as to ensure that the uniform didn’t look like a one-piece jumpsuit. I wouldn’t say they complete the look like the socks of the home uniform do, but they get the job done.

One thing I am disappointed about is the lack of a Black Rosie logo, an idea that got its start with Katie Fitzgerald, and been floated by Erica Ayala and supported by Riveters veterans Rebecca Morse and Madison Packer in recent months.

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That being said, there’s still room for an alternate jersey featuring a Black Rosie, which, if put in the rotation for 2020-21 and beyond, would be pretty awesome. I know my fingers are crossed that we get to see this initiative in action.

Fans can purchase the new Rivs jerseys in the NWHL online store later today. With a wealth of rookies to choose from and a solid veteran corps to rely on, there is no shortage of options for your newest addition to the jersey collection.

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