About us

The Ice Garden is an independent media platform dedicated to covering women's hockey. Our passionate, knowledgeable creators are on the front line of women's hockey. We tell the sport's stories by engaging with its community of players, coaches, and fans.

The Ice Garden began in October 2016 at SB Nation under its first Managing Editor, Hannah Bevis. Since then, TIG and its creators both past and present have made the site an indispensable source of news, analysis, and resources for the entire community. On March 1, 2023, The Ice Garden officially went independent after learning we would no longer be managed and monetized by Vox Media and SB Nation. We are excited for this next chapter – a chapter made possible by the generosity of our community and the work and kindness of our friends.

Managing Editors
Hannah Bevis | Oct. 2016 - June 2018
Michelle Jay | June 2018 - Sept. 2022
Mike Murphy | Sept. 2022 - Present

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TIG would not and cannot exist without your support. In order to compensate our creators and to keep the site up and running, we rely on subscriptions and our Tip Jar. If you are able, please consider subscribing to The Ice Garden, grabbing some merch, and/or dropping a few bucks into the Tip Jar when you see a story or listen to a pod that you particularly enjoy.