The Toronto Six release their inaugural season jerseys

Home, away, and third jerseys were all released.

The Six have their sweaters!

Today, the Toronto based team showed off their home, away, and third jerseys for their first season in the NWHL.

Their home and away jerseys have the same base design: one color on the body and upper arms, a strip at about the elbow, and a third color on the lower arm. The home jerseys are red, with a gold strip and a black lower arm, while the aways are black with a black strip and a gold arm. Both have gold trim around the neck. The socks for each are the same as the arm design.

The Six logo is on the front, and each arms. The Canadian flag is on the shoulder yolk. Previous iterations of NWHL jerseys have had the flag of the players’ home country on their shoulder, though it seems as if this will be on all of the Six jerseys since they are the Canadian team.

“The goal of the team for its home and road jerseys was to have a clean and classic look that honoured Canadian hockey,” according to the release.

The third jersey is a base of white but is covered in “all-over pattern with the Toronto Six maple leaf and the city name.” It has six gold stripes on the arms, at about the shoulder length again. Again, the socks are similar to the arms, with six gold stripes.

Given the fact that all of the NWHL teams will have home and away jerseys, fans can most likely expect the Minnesota Whitecaps will have new home jerseys, since the Six’s black jerseys would be worn there.

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