Buffalo Beauts unveil new jerseys on NWHL Open Ice

With less than two months to go until the projected start of the regular season, the NWHL revealed the uniforms that will be worn by the Buffalo Beauts in season six

During the season’s fourth episode of Open Ice with GamerDoc, the NWHL revealed the new threads that the Buffalo Beauts will be rocking ahead of season six — and folks, they are sick.

The Beauts have elected to stick with the classic baby blue of the past two seasons for their home uniforms for season six, keeping things classic with the black hem and sleeve stripes that feature light gray stars.

For their away kits, the Beauts are making a bold statement with the almost all-black jerseys with a thick white stripe on the sleeves that has baby blue accents. Talk about clean.

Both jerseys will feature the Beauts’ trademark crown on one shoulder along with the seal of the city of Buffalo on the opposite shoulder.

We all know that I think the Beauts blues are absolute classics — and, as I mentioned in my piece on potential new threads, I’m not ashamed of that.

When it comes to the new aways, I’m putting them at a good 4.25 stars, just because I think the black logo on the black background is a little bit tough on the eyes. It’s undeniable that the white sleeve stripes and the blue accents just make the jersey, though, so I would say that’s the key factor that’s really dragging the overall score upwards.

I would have loved to see the classic season one/season two jersey make a comeback, but I’m not disappointed by these new jerseys and I’m looking forward to seeing them on the ice.

(A moment of silence for all league photographers, though.)

Below, you can take a look at how the Beauts’ uniforms have changed over the past five seasons, starting with Harrison Browne’s debut for the Beauts in 2015-16 to the classic baby blues that have become synonymous with the City of Good Neighbors in more recent years.

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