WATCH: Episode 11 of What You Missed in Women's Hockey

Alex Carpenter registers for the CWHL Draft, the Whitecaps are going to Sweden and more in this week's video.

We’re going to start posting a short video every week that explains all the big news that you may have missed in women’s hockey. It will keep both new and veteran fans alike posted on everything you need to know in the whcky world.

In this week's episode of "What you missed last week in women's hockey..."

What You Missed in Women's Hockey

CWHL Draft registration closes (hello, Alex Carpenter), the Whitecaps are going to Sweden, and if you're a Furies fan, you might want to find Christina Kessler and make sure she doesn't retire this year...that and more in this week's video!

Posted by The Ice Garden on Saturday, August 5, 2017

0:06 - The CWHL Draft registration closed, and...

0:17 - Alex Carpenter signed up for the CWHL Draft????

0:52 - If you're a Whitecaps fan, pack your bags, because Minnesota is playing preseason games in Sweden.

1:10 - The CWHL still hasn't "officially" announced a second team in China, but it did post seven logos on its website...

1:29 - Hirings, firings, and signings, including some NWHL names, Toronto needing a new coach, and Courtney Sheary getting a new coaching gig.