Source: NWHL teams to have multiple jerseys in 2020-2021

Home, away...maybe a third?

According to a source close to the NWHL, each of the six teams will have both a home and away jersey for the 2020-2021 season.

This is the first time in NWHL history the teams will regularly play in two jerseys. They will likely wear their lighter colored jerseys at home and their darker jerseys for away games.

In addition, some teams may also have a third jersey.

The Ice Garden also learned the release of the Toronto Six jersey is coming soon, possibly what the newest team in the league teased on Twitter for Friday. The other teams’ jerseys should follow later in the summer, leading into season six.

Home and away jerseys will allow more creativity in jerseys and colors, and will make it easier for teams with similar colors like the Six and the Riveters. For example, both teams could have a red jersey and a white jersey — or perhaps the Six could have a home white, red away, and a black third. The Riveters could lean into the first-year red, white, and blue color scheme again, now that they don’t need to align their brand with the NHL Devils. The Pride could go back to having a black jersey and the Whale could even have their great whites back.

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