The Ice Garden’s 2021 Worlds Fantasy League

Are you ready?

Here we go again.

I’ve done NWHL fantasy hockey for The Ice Garden and PWHPA fantasy hockey. Now it’s time for some World Championship fantasy hockey!


Making a team and competing in our league is free but I would like to encourage you to donate, if you are able, to the Black Girl Hockey Club, the Trans Lifeline, and/or the Trevor Project. I love the idea of doing a little bit of good while we have some fun.

I will be donating $75 to the winner of the league’s charity of choice. So, in addition to serious bragging rights, there is a grand prize to win, which comes with a bunch of stickers. There may also be other prizes for the top teams, depending on how many teams register.

I used data from Their Hockey Counts, EliteProspects, IIHF, and asked friends who are smarter than I am to help me with player valuation — assigning values (or “cap hits”) to all 249 players competing in the 2021 Worlds. Remember, hese values are not an “overall” rating for a player like you’d see in a video game. They project what each player’s values could be in the tournament based on factors including previous performance, projected role on their team, and reputation.


As the manager of your team, you must select six forwards, four defenders, and two goaltenders. That’s 10 skaters and two goalies. Every roster slot needs to be filled.

  • You have a salary cap of 1,000 TIG Bucks. Spend them wisely.
  • You may have no more than three players from any national team on your fantasy team.
  • I’ve made a Google Sheet (click the link) that lists the value of each player. To use it, first make a copy of the Sheet to be able to edit it. Then go to the “Make a Team” tab where you can fill in the name of a player. Their position, national team, and fantasy value (cap hit) will all auto-fill. Note: you need to make a copy of this Google Sheet to be able to edit it and play around with your team on your own Drive.
  • We are counting stats from the group stage only so that each national team will have the same number of games played./


  • Make sure your total salary is under 1,000 TIG Bucks, that you have players in the right positions, and that you have no more than three players from any one national team.
  • Write out your team as a comment on this article. Any changes to your roster before the first game of the tournament can be made as a reply to your initial comment or you may DM me on Twitter at @DigDeepBSB./
  • Remember to include your team’s name in your comment with your roster! We encourage you to have fun and be creative but please keep it PG-13.
  • You can only submit one team for the TIG league but you can make as many teams as you like if you want to make another league with some friends!
  • You must submit your team before the first game of the group stage begins.
  • Note: in the event of a major injury to one of the players on your team, you may replace them with a player from the same national team of equal or lesser value. Please let me know about the replacement by replying to the comment where you submitted your team for registration. /


Here are some resources that may come in handy for building your team.

Have fun making your teams and good luck! You can keep an eye out for league updates on Twitter by searching #TIGWorldsFantasy.

Special thanks to Anne Tokarksi, Meredith Foster, Michelle Jay, and Mikael Nahabedian.