Introducing The Ice Garden’s NWHL Fantasy Hockey League

Build your team and chase the dream

Welcome to The Ice Garden’s Fantasy Hockey for the 2020-21 NWHL season.

Putting together a fantasy hockey league for a pro women’s hockey league is something I’ve been thinking about since the 2018-19 season when William Whyte put together NCAA Fantasy Hockey for The Ice Garden. I loved what William put together and thought that the two-week 2020-21 NWHL season would be perfect for putting something together. So, here we are. The Ice Garden presents NWHL Fantasy Hockey!


As the manager of your team, you must select six forwards, four defenders, and two goaltenders. That’s 10 skaters and two goalies. Every roster slot needs to be filled. There are a few players who have a history and/or are projected to play both as a D/F. You can slot those players into either position.

  • You have a salary cap of 1,000 TIG Bucks. Spend them wisely.
  • Each NWHL player has been given a value based on their Game Score and/or Pts/GP last season in the NWHL, NCAA, and other leagues. This value does not represent their skill or ability as a hockey player — it’s not an “overall rating” like you’d see in a video game. It simply represents their projected value as a fantasy player based on the limited stats we’re looking at.
  • To keep things interesting you may have no more than four players from any one team. So, you can’t have a team made up entirely of Buffalo Beauts or Metropolitan Riveters. Get ready to start becoming a big fan of a few new players!
  • I made a handy-dandy Google Sheet that lists the value of each player! To use the tab where you can fill in the name of a player and their team and fantasy value will auto-fill, make a copy of the Google Sheet to your own Drive.
  • We’re counting stats for the regular season and the second stage but only if every team is in the second stage and plays an equal number of games. So this will be a fast and furious fantasy season.
  • Roster Changes: You can make two changes to your roster during the season. You may only swap out one player on your team for another player who is on the same club as that player of equal or lesser value.
    Note: If news surfaces that a player(s) is not going to Lake Placid and they are on your team you may freely swap them out for a player of equal or lesser value from any team before the season begins./


Submitting your team is easy!

  • Make sure your salary is under 1,000 TIG Bucks.
  • Write out your team as a comment on this article. Any changes to your roster should be made as a reply to your initial comment or you may DM me on Twitter at @DigDeepBSB.
  • Remember to include your team’s name in the comment that posts your roster! We encourage you to have fun with this but let’s keep it family-friendly, please.
  • Your initial roster needs to be submitted by Wednesday, Jan. 20, 2021, at 8:00 p.m. ET.
  • You can only submit one team./

That’s it! Pretty simple, right?

If your team has the most points after the NWHL’s regular season, I will buy you the NWHL shirsey of your choice! That’s right, there’s a prize! If there’s a tie I’ll get both people a shirsey. If there are a lot of people tied for first... I’ll leave the country, change my name, and you’ll never be able to find me.


Special Thanks: Alyssa Longmuir, Spencer Fascetta, Alex MacLean, Eleni Demestihas, and Michelle Jay for notes and help with testing!