Boston Pride unveil new jersey design

It’s fall fashion week in Boston — check out the hottest new styles to try out before you hit the ice this fall!

The Boston Pride have unveiled a new jersey design with some major changes. Most notably, they have moved back to using a mustard hue for their main color, rather than the black of last season’s sweater.

Color-blocking and simplicity appear to be back in style this season. Like Boston’s jersey of yesteryear, this one isn’t too complex, focusing on a basic balance between mustard and black with just a little piping on the shoulders, and the team’s signature lion paw print over the shoulder.

The brightness of the yellow is what really makes these jerseys pop. It certainly spices up the look, which may give their presence a certain risqué quality to create an edge over their competitors, since we now know that the jerseys of the Connecticut Whale and Metropolitan Riveters have not changed.

Now that the new Minnesota Whitecaps jersey (sleek, gray, suspiciously shark-like) has also been revealed, we can do some very important, hard-hitting league-wide analysis of trends.

Boston and Minnesota are both experimenting with unique number fonts, both shown below:

The Buffalo Beauts have not yet revealed if their jersey has changed, but with the league currently at an even tie between new and old designs, their eventual reveal will tip the balance, either in the direction of tradition or progress. Either way, this will be the first season that some teams have elected to keep their old sweaters for another cycle.

All of these jerseys are now available through the official NWHL store, along with shirseys based on the new designs, giving fans just enough time to order before the season starts (unless you’re a Buffalo fan), because it’s almost October.

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