Minnesota Whitecaps unveil new logo

The reviews are in, and they’re... mixed?

The Minnesota Whitecaps have continued their transition into the NWHL with a complete logo re-design. Gone is the plain black-and-white logo of seasons past and here for the 2018-19 season is a wondrous black-and-blue image full of intrigue and mystery.

This announcement comes after a whirlwind few days for the Whitecaps, who just last week partnered with the NHL’s Minnesota Wild and are continuing to sign new players, most recently including Sydney Rossman and Brooke White-Lancette. This new logo is another sign that the team is embracing their new role as the NWHL’s fifth team.

The Minnesota Wild have partnered with the Minnesota Whitecaps

The overall thematic colors of the new logo appear to be black, white, and royal blue. Although official jerseys have not yet been unveiled, it seems likely that the final result will be either primarily black or the same royal blue as the logo, although this is dependent on whether or not the Boston Pride stick with their black jerseys or return to yellow ones worn during the team’s 2016-17 season.

For now, we can only speculate and enjoy how the logo looks on merch such as this hat, modeled below by new Whitecap (and ex-Beaut) Amanda Leveille and some guy who is probably a fan.

But we need to go deeper.

Deconstructed, this logo has several intriguing elements. The outer ring of the image contains the word “Minnesota” placed slightly off-center at a jaunty angle. It’s not too wild, but it is noticeable enough that it must be deliberate.

The centerpiece appears to be a cursive M, but could also be a U written by a particularly flamboyant calligraphist. The two peaks of the M are slightly curved and resemble whitecaps cresting on open water.

However, if you look closer and spend a little too much time letting your mind wander, these peaks could also be the tips of the fins of two sharks swimming alongside each other, likely in one of Minnesota’s many lakes.

Is this subliminal messaging? Are the Whitecaps hinting at a cross-country move to California to abandon the Wild and instead join forces with the San Jose Sharks? Or, even scarier, are they telling us that they are planning on incorporating human-fish hybrids into their roster?

We just don’t know what the Whitecaps are telling us, but the implications are terrifying.

For now, we can only hope that the messages the Whitecaps are sending are non-threatening, and perhaps compare their logo to another recent re-design: that of the CWHL’s ex-Boston Blades, who have just announced a location, name, and logo change.

Use the poll below to tell us your thoughts on the new logo, and please comment if you have any leads in this shark-related conspiracy. Please. We need answers.

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