It’s your turn to vote in the 2020 Top 25 Under 25!

The community vote is on!

It’s that time of year again! Every year, The Ice Garden writers and others vote on the top 25 players under the age of 25, and now it’s your turn to.

As you may have seen us complaining about on Twitter, this is the hardest task we do all year as we look at every single player across the whole world. Lucky for you, you don’t have have quite the same daunting task. Just like last year, the community poll will be limited to only players who received four or more votes out of our 14 ballots. This limits you to 35 players to fit into 25 spots.

Vote at THIS LINK by dragging and dropping the names into the right column.

The player you think is the best player under 25 should be at the top and the 25th best at the bottom. Any names passed 25 will not be counted. Please try to submit complete ballots of 25 players.

If it helps to consult last year’s list you can but a fair number of players aged off the list. Many of us Elite Prospect to check in on stats for the players as well.

Voting will close on Sunday, Aug. 26. Once it has closed, the votes will be tallied to create the “community ballot” which will be added into our internal ballots.

Please only vote once to keep the integrity of the community ballot.

If you have any questions, comment and I’ll be sure to check in.

Have fun!