Fundraising Efforts for Sanni Hakala Are Underway

How to help Sanni Hakala as she recovers.

Fundraising Efforts for Sanni Hakala Are Underway

HV71 captain Sanni Hakala's life changed on Nov. 24th, 2023. The Finnish Olympian suffered an injury that ended her career and left her paralyzed from the chest down with limited use of her hands and arms.

The SDHL announced their efforts to fundraise for Hakala on December 7th, giving Swish number 358 40 141 9117 as the best way to donate. For those unfamiliar, Swish is a mobile payment system in Sweden designed to be used with the namesake app as a way to easily transfer money. It's only available for those with a Swedish personal identity number (for American readers, think the Swedish version of a Social Security Number).

Two days later, after an outpouring of interest from around the world, the SHL joined in to widen the contribution opportunities internationally, and there's there's now a GoFundMe for those outside Sweden who wish to contribute. The goal is 100,000 SEK, which is around $9555.84. At the time of publication 53,212 SEK has been raised.

As fundraiser creator David Ullström wrote,

"Sanni is left paralyzed with a new life of uncertainty. Your humble contribution will be used for medical bills and extensive physical tough times like this, I simply ask the entire hockey family and community to gather together and help a fellow member out."