Welcome to The Ice Garden

We are here because of you.

Welcome to The Ice Garden
Photo by Jorge Guillen / Unsplash

It is with great joy and a tremendous amount of relief that I welcome you all back to The Ice Garden. Thanks to an immense amount of work and an even greater amount of support from our community, we are now independent. This is TIG 2.0 and it would not be here without you.

We are here to tell the stories that deserve to be told on and off the ice and to bring professional, dedicated analysis and coverage to a sport we all love.

The GoFundMe campaign that made this launch possible was a tremendous success. When this post was published, we raised over $13,600. Even after GoFundMe takes its cut, that figure represents one year of our projected operating costs with the majority of our staff making what they made at SB Nation. With that said, we want to pay our current staff more than their current modest monthly stipends and we want to grow. We want to create more content and give more creators a platform where they are compensated for their work.

We want to do more, and we can’t do it without you.

If you are able, please consider subscribing to The Ice Garden. Your support will keep our creators paid, keep the site up and running, and will allow us to grow our coverage of this sport and its amazing athletes. We will also have merch and a Tip Jar if you wish to support us that way or just want to look really cool. Or both. Both is good.

Our goal at The Ice Garden is to have the vast majority of our content free and accessible for everyone. In our view, that is essential for this sport and our community. That can only happen if we have enough subscribers to make this work. That is why, even with the success of our GoFundMe, we are starting small with a budget similar to what it was at SB Nation. We’re here for the long haul.

On Oct. 5, 2016, Hannah Bevis introduced TIG to the women’s hockey community. What we are all about – what we’re here for – remains the same. From Hannah's first post:

We cannot do this without you. As much as we write, or design, or create, we cannot grow unless you keep reading and sharing our work. So thank you. We want to give you the very best women’s hockey coverage around, and I gotta say, we’ve got a pretty damn good team.

Thank you for reading this far, for visiting our new home, and for all of your support over the years. It means everything to us. This means everything to us.

Welcome to your Ice Garden.