Around the Rink: Q & A with Eleni Demestihas

Our guest is Eleni! We know her! She may be a fancypants now but she is our fancypants.

Around the Rink: Q & A with Eleni Demestihas

Last week on Around the Rink, Dan Rice and Allie Morse were joined by TIG contributor/alumna, and current player agent Eleni Demestihas from Hecate Sports. Demestihas detailed what it was like during the immediate aftermath of the end of the PHF and the transition to the PWHL from an agent’s point of view, and the challenges that it presented her with.

Demestihas also told us which deal she is most proud of (spoiler alert – it is a previous guest on Around the Rink), how she has been able to balance this responsibility along with those that come with being a lawyer, what it’s like seeing your clients play in person, and more.

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