A Directory of Adaptive Hockey Programs

The Ice Garden's latest project is a collaborative effort with Chanel Keenan to create a resource of adaptive hockey programs across the world.

A Directory of Adaptive Hockey Programs
Photo by Chris Liverani / Unsplash

Editor's Note: This project is a collaborative effort to establish a directory of adaptive hockey programs across the hockey community. We hope that you, the members of our community, can help us make this directory complete by suggesting programs around the globe.

By Chanel Keenan | @chanelly37

I am proud to collaborate with The Ice Garden as we create a community-led resource for people with disabilities and the families of people with disabilities who want to participate in the game of hockey. This list is open to the public and serves to foster inclusion within the game. It is also meant to connect more folks with the game who may not have realized a local program was right under their nose!

This list means so much to me, even as someone who never played hockey. By creating this comprehensive directory, we can ensure that the future of this sport includes everyone, no matter what level or ability they may have.

A Directory of LGBTQ+ Hockey Programs and Leagues
We at TIG believe in living one’s truth and that you should be free to play hockey without discrimination. Here’s a list of queer-friendly leagues and programs that help achieve that.

To view the public sheet, click HERE.

If you would like to include a program, team, or other organization in the directory, please reach out to theicegarden.hockey[at]gmail[dot]com with "Adaptive Hockey" in the subject line of your email.