A WHKYHAC Project Directory

Revisiting work from July 10th’s WHKYHAC

After the 2021 Big Data Cup, The Ice Garden put together a directory of projects related to women’s hockey. We thought it would be appropriate to do the same with the very first analytics conference dedicated to the women’s game, WHKYHAC, which took place on July 10, 2021.

There was some truly groundbreaking work presented at WHKYHAC. Every project enriched our understanding of the game and shed a little light on a sport that has been largely underserved by the sports analytics community. Now, let’s get to watching some presentations and looking at some projects!

Note: you can view all of the presentations as well as the players’ and media panels on the conference’s website, WHKYHAC.com.

If you presented at WHKYHAC and have slides or other resources and links you can add to this directory, please reach out to @DigDeepBSB on Twitter!

Contextualizing Historical Data and Current Projects in Women’s Hockey

The Shot Chain: Going Beyond the Traditional Expected Goals Model

Dungeons and Dangles: Experiments in Fantasy Hockey

NWHL Analytics: More Data, Details & the Future

Predicting Breakout Seasons in NCAA Division 1 Women’s Hockey

Thanks for the Assist: Modeling Shot Conversion Rate by Assist Angle and Distance

WHKYe: A Metric to Evaluate the Offensive Production of Players Worldwide

Shoot Your Shot: How the on-ice situation changes shot location

Ready, Aim, Fire: The Development of Shot Patterns in Olympic Hockey

xG for Dummies - Building a means of measuring shot quality by the seat of your pants

Aging Curves in Women’s Hockey: NWHL Edition