A Directory of Women’s Hockey Projects from Big Data Cup 2021

A ton of work was done with women’s hockey data and we wanted to put it all in once place

Advancements in women’s hockey data over the past several years have been few and far between. To put it bluntly, there’s not enough public data and not enough people working with it to pursue a better understanding of the women’s game. That is why the 2021 Big Data Cup — organized and made possible by Meghan Chayka and Stathletes — was such a big deal.

Participants of the Big Data Cup were given access to data from the 2018 Women’s Olympic tournament, the NWHL’s Lake Placid season, and a sample of DI NCAA women’s hockey games — in addition to data from the Erie Otters (OHL) from the 2019-20 season. Using that data, enterprising nerds from across the globe launched projects to create tools, answer questions, and investigate the differences between the women’s and men’s game.

We wanted to put all of those projects in one place for inquisitive minds to find and reference in the future. So, here’s a directory of all the women’s hockey projects from #BDC2021.

Note: if you know of a submission/project missing from this list please reach out to @DigDeepBSB. We want to include everyone’s work!

- An Nguyen | @nguyenank_ | Web App of Player Archetypes