Locker Room Talk season one episode four with Hayley Scamurra

In Locker Room Talk’s fourth episode, GamerDoc and Eleni chat with PWHPA and Team USA forward  Hayley Scamurra. They touch on hoodies, Scamurra’s decision to play for the PWHPA, and more. But before that, the hosts catch up on the news, including jumping in on a press conference.

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Locker Room Talk is a prerecorded, short form women’s hockey talk show hosted by GamerDoc and Eleni, brought to you by The Ice Garden. It premieres every Tuesday at 8 p.m. eastern on YouTube.

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Overtime Two: the full big press conference

The press conference from our fourth episode went long but don’t worry, we recorded all of Me(a)g(h)a(e)n’s big announcement press conference.