Crease Chats Makes Its Debut on The Ice Garden Podcast Feed

A new PWHL pod is here!

Crease Chats Makes Its Debut on The Ice Garden Podcast Feed
(Photo by Michelle Jay)

If you’re subscribed to The Ice Garden podcast feed you’ll have noticed there’s been a new addition to it’s collection, Crease Chats! The podcast is hosted by Allie Morse and Geremy from Giants in the Crease.

Rather than stealing the recap idea from P-Dub in Twenty hosted by Alyssa and Maya, this show is more focused on deep diving topics in the PWHL but also women’s hockey as a whole. You can check out the latest episode below or find it on your Ice Garden podcast feed wherever you listen to The Ice Garden.

On this episode:

  • We discuss the aftermath of the Sophie Jaques trade and how she’s fitting in with Minnesota along with what the next steps are for Jaques to reach her potential.
  • What are some other trade ideas that teams should be considering?
  • The league average SV% keeps rising, is it just that goaltending is getting better or is there more to the lack of goals in the PWHL?
  • Modern goaltending has changed and so too should our way of evaluating goalies especially when it comes to statistics.
  • Was Kristen Campbell’s start to the season unfairly judged?
  • We play 20 Questions as Allie tries to guess the goalie Geremy is thinking about.

Reply to the Ice Garden tweet to let us know if you managed to guess the goalie in 20 Questions before Allie did. All feedback is welcome as we look to create a podcast to help fill the needs of the community!