Introducing The Ice Garden Podcast Network

Welcome to your one-stop shop for supporting TIG’s podcasts

Here at The Ice Garden, we currently have two weekly podcasts that are dedicated to providing unique coverage to women’s hockey. The Founding 4 Podcast, hosted by Erica Ayala and Mike Murphy, focuses on the NWHL. Top Shelf, hosted by Hannah Bevis and Michelle Jay, takes a broader look at all of women’s hockey, from the NWHL to the CWHL to international to college.

We are aiming to take women’s hockey coverage to new heights. And that’s where you all come in.

Today we are launching The Ice Garden Podcast Network Patreon.

With your help, we can grow a sustainable podcast network to talk about and promote women’s hockey while compensating all of those involved, from the hosts to the audio editors to the designers and others who make up the network.

Support will immediately cover costs associated with producing the two current podcasts with hopes of expanding the network in the future, improving audio quality, and more.

Patrons will have unparalleled access to a variety of aspects relating to the podcasts. You’ll get outtakes and bloopers from episodes (if you wanted to know more about the Bulgarian women’s hockey team, here’s your chance). There will be crossover podcasts where the four hosts will take deep dives into topics like the growth of women’s hockey, challenges in covering the game, and more.

If you listen to our podcasts, we hope you’ll support us so we can continue and grow our podcasts.