Women’s Hockey Holiday Gift Guide

Jerseys, books, sweaters, oh my!

It’s never too early to start your holiday list, especially if you’re like my family who lives for Black Friday deals and having all shopping done weeks ahead of time. We at The Ice Garden compiled a list to help you get your plans started.

League specific

NWHL Tickets
Teams appear to have partial game packages as well as single game tickets. They also have a ticket ambassador program, if you’d like to donate tickets.

NWHL Twitch Subscriptions
If you don’t live near an NWHL team, you can still support the NWHL by subscribing to their Twitch channels. As part of the 50/50 revenue split, the players receive half of the revenue from these. While I don’t think Twitch sells gift cards, you can apparently use a variety of other retailers gift cards (like Game Stop, Target, and Starbucks, depending on where you live) to pay for subscriptions.

Items range in prices meaning there’s an option for everyone. A replica jersey makes a great group gift, or one of the game-worn jerseys available via MeiGrey. There’s player-specific sherseys (and don’t forget that player gets 15%). There’s also blankets, great for those cold rinks or those cold couches. Right now, there’s Christmas sweaters!

PWHPA Tickets
So far, the PWHPA has only announced one 2020 Dream Gap Tour stop: Toronto on Jan. 11-12. They’ll also be in Philadelphia in 2020, but no details are available yet. You can also gift a virtual ticket if you can’t make it but want to support.

PWHPA Jerseys
Edit: This auction is over now. You’ll have to act fast and be ready to spend on these since the auction ends Dec. 1. It’s the only PWHPA merch right now, unless you’ve been to a Dream Gap Tour, where they sell a variety of traditional merchandise.

College hockey tickets
There’s no specific link here because there’s 41 teams spread from the East Coast to Minnesota. Tickets are usually reasonably priced with fun atmospheres. Plus you can see Olympians or the future of women’s hockey up close!


There’s a fair amount of books out there on women’s hockey. While most are available on Amazon, might I suggest shopping local at an independent bookstore? You can most likely request a special order of a copy if they don’t carry it.

  • The IIHF put together a top 10 list with a few extra in the introduction.
  • Kacey Bellamy has a collection of poems: Unbroken Heart of Gold: Collection of Poems.
  • Rhonda Leeman Taylor recently published her memoir, OFFSIDE: - A Memoir - Challenges Faced by Women in Hockey.
  • Seth Berkman followed the Korean team leading to the 2018 Olympics for A Team of Their Own: How an International Sisterhood Made Olympic History.
  • Last year, Stephanie Phillips published a graphic novel featuring a NWHL players with extra swag too, Kicking Ice./


Hockey is my Favorite Season sweater
There’s, like, a hundred places that sell these, but this one looks comfy, so that’s how I picked this exact link.

Hockey Hall of Fame induction items
Personally, I’m not a huge fan of the design, but there’s a variety of induction from the HHOF including a “extremely limited quantity” Hayley Wickenheiser jersey or a shirsey. There are a few items from past year’s as well if you like the collectable options.

Stuff on eBay
If you search “women’s hockey” on eBay, you’ll find a fair amount of interesting items including trading cards and random jerseys.

Run-Off movie
This is a digital download of the movie I ranked at the top of my power rankings of women’s hockey movies. Pair it with Berkman’s book from above as it’s the “based on real life” movie about the formation of the Korean national team when South Korea won the 2018 Olympics.

Road to Gold poster
Made by friend of TIG Alyssa Longmuir, this poster visualizes all 17 of the goals Team USA scored at the 2018 Olympics.

Black Girl Hockey Club
This special place on Twitter has merch, a GoFundMe link to help a player fund a trip to an international tournament, or donate directly to them!

Boston Pride and Team Trans merch
This New England’s LGBTQ+ hockey organization has sweet merch for itself and Team Trans, “an international collective of hockey players… who all happen to identify as trans or gender non conforming,” on its site. Or you can donate to either organization, just click on Team Trans at the top for their direct donate link.

Giving Tuesday Update

Check out our Twitter thread of links to donate to!

What women’s hockey items are on your holiday list? Let us (and your fellow women’s hockey fans) know in the comments!