Women’s hockey halloween costumes ideas

Don’t know what to be for Halloween? We got you

Halloween is creeping up and what better costume theme than women’s hockey! We compiled some of our favorite ideas to help you get started.

Any player

There’s so many ways to do this one. If you’ve got a shirsey or a jersey, boom you’re done! Bonus points if you rock the full gear under the jersey.

If you don’t, there’s still hope, just get creative. Iron, tape, pin, stitch, glue, whatever you can your favorite player’s logo and name to a shirt. Sure its a little DIY, but if you’re short on time (or don’t have a PWHPA shirt yet), it is still great.

Specific Player Ideas

If you feel like getting punny, find a player who name can be a play on words. Like for Whitecaps player Amanda Boulier, put the Whitecaps logo on a sheet that you wear like a ghost. Or you could be Boo from Monster Inc wearing a Whitecaps shirt. Get it, Bou...? Crowd source other ideas, because we’re out after Bou/Boo/Ghost.

Does a player have sponsorships they’re well known for? For example, if you want to be Hilary Knight,  find some Red Bull, Chobani, and Go Pro. Other props include dogs, Boosted boards. (Alternate Hilary Knight costume: make an Instagram screen out of cardboard and carry it around wearing a sports bra to be a Hilary Knight Instagram post. We all know the ones we’re talking about. This is best in warm climates.)

In the first NWHL All Star Skills, Amanda Pelkey popped out of a hockey bag. Find some way to be both in and out of hockey bag. The bag was pulled by Knight so if you want, the opportunity for a group costume is there.

Shannon Szabados was the Burger King Queen last season. So curl your hair, pick up a bag of BK, and grab a BK crown while you’re there (do they still give those away?). Additional props can include Olympic medals and a dog as Jaxon.

A mascot

Four of the five NWHL teams are obvious - whale, buffalo, lion, Rosie.

But what about the Whitecaps? If you love a good word play, like me, just pin white caps all over your clothes and wear at least one. Now you’re the white caps.

A brick wall

Add the name of your favorite goalie. Self explanatory.

A player in the box

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Isobel Cup

This can be done as a group costume, but it comes with rules. One person is the Cup, one person is the handles, and the other is Anya Packer. The handles and Anya must stay together all night, and Anya must always be between the handles and the Cup. The handles and the Cup must never be alone together.


Find a pot, put some beans in it. Also can be done wearing Boston University, Boston College, Northeastern, or Harvard apparel. Bonus points for somehow incorporating Tuesday into it since the women’s games are on Tuesdays.

This costume is actually a workout in disguise.

First, find a doll or a small child to keep with you for the duration of the costume wearing (please have permission to keep said child). Be dressed in all black with a pony tail. The doll/child must be on your left and you both must have your outside arms in the air while holding a stick at all times. Arm day and a costume!

Dunkin’ supporting women’s hockey

Dress as a donut or their iconic foam cup. If you don’t have a group, just wander around talking about how much you love women’s hockey. If you do you have a group, have them be various players and hand out money to them (probably should be fake money or this will get expensive fast), because Dunkin’ sponsors women’s hockey.

Obviously this can be done with other sponsors like Chipwich too.

Oops I did it again...

Dress up like Britney Spears but wear a Jocelyne Lamoureux-Davidson US shirt. If you want to get super official with it, wear red pants because in the music video, Britney is wearing a red bodycon suit.