TIG Top Game of 2017-18: Call for nominations

Help decide the top women’s hockey game of the season!

Let’s be honest: 2017-18 was a pretty dang fun season of women’s hockey. There were plenty of great games, whether it be on the big stage of the Olympics or a run-of-the-mill NCAA regular season game.

There were so many great games that we need your help in choosing the best! Over the next couple days, we’ll be having our first Game of the Year tournament!

Here’s how it will work. We’re asking YOU to nominate games for our first Game of the Year tournament. Leave your nominations in the comments or tweet to us with the hashtag #TIGBestGame by July 18 at midnight EST. Make sure your nominations include the date and the teams and, if you want, feel free to tell us why you’re nomination that game.

The TIG Staff will then narrow it down to 16 games and place them in a bracket. We’ll release the bracket on July 23, one week from today. Then, every day, YOU will get to vote on Twitter as to which games should move on and be declared The Ice Garden Game of the Year!