Plays of the Week: Wisconsin breaks attendance record

#FillTheBowl was a resounding success for the Badgers

There’s a lot of women’s hockey that deserves to be showcased, and we want to highlight the very best every week.

Each week, we’ll ask for you to send us the top plays you see in women’s hockey, whether they be from college games, pro games, international contests or anything in-between using the hashtag #TIGTop4 (It helps us a lot if you include pictures or GIFs of the play).

From the picks you send us, we’ll select our top four, and then it’s up to you to vote for the best women’s hockey play of the week on our Twitter.

4. Howard’s Teddy Bear Toss tally

Robert Morris University held their first Teddy Bear Toss game this past weekend, and junior Brittany Howard continued to show opponents that she’s a force to be reckoned with. Not only did she snipe past Lindenwold’s goalie for a goal that, if you blinked, you would have missed, but her two assists in the second game of the weekend broke RMU’s record for most career assists — as a junior.

2. Carpenter’s diving shorty

We had another tie! A late last-minute surge in voting resulted in Alex Carpenter’s spectacular shorty and Caroline Ouellette’s sweet behind-the-back pass tied for second this week, and both were equally deserving.

Carpenter’s goal was amazing, but this IS Alex Carpenter we’re talking about, so maybe we shouldn’t be too surprised. Zoe Hickel and Carpenter had a 2-on-1 break against the Whale, and while it might have looked like they tried to make one pass too many, Carpenter managed to will the puck past the opposing net minder for a goal.

2. Ouellette’s behind-the-back pass

Never retire, Ouellette.

Caroline Ouellette had every Inferno player’s eyes trained on her as she barreled to the net with the puck. But trailing behind was an uncovered Ann-Sophie Bettez, and Ouellette knew she was open, even if no one else did. Throwing on the brakes, Ouellette sent her a behind-the-back pass that left Bettez wide open in the slot. The poor Calgary goalie didn’t have a chance.

1. Wisconsin’s record-breaking weekend

This past weekend, the Badgers not only picked up a shutout against St. Cloud, but also an NCAA record. Wisconsin’s #FillTheBowl game set a new record for NCAA women’s hockey single-game attendance, bringing in 15,359 spectators who got to watch the Badgers skate away with a win.

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