Who went where in the 2018 CWHL Draft

Did you miss the 2018 CWHL draft? We’ve got your highlights

The 2018 CWHL Draft was full of crazy talent and also some fun moments. In a new format this year, the teams pre-signed their first and second round picks. The teams draft until all the players are taken; however, only the first 10 rounds are streamed.

First Round

Blades: Lauren Williams, D, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Furies: Sarah Nurse, F, University of Wisconsin
Thunder: Victoria Bach, F, Boston University
Inferno: Halli Krzyzaniak, D, University of North Dakota
Shenzhen: Kimberly Newell, G, Princeton University
Furies: Shea Tiley, G, Clarkson University

With the first pick of the 2018 Draft, the Worcester Blades took Lauren Williams, a defender from Ontario and Wisconsin alumna. They were the only team to not announce their pre-signees ahead of time. The Toronto Furies had two picks this round due to the Erin Ambrose trade with the Les Canadiennes de Montreal.

Second Round

Blades: Morgan Turner, F, Dartmouth College
Furies: Brittany Howard, F, Robert Morris University
Thunder: Ailish Forfar, F, Ryerson University
Inferno: Rebecca Leslie, F, Boston University
Shenzhen: Leah Lum, F, University of Connecticut
Montreal: Genevieve Bannon, F, Clarkson University

The Blades’ second pre-sign was Morgan Turner. Furies general manager Sami Jo Small had a tiny bit of a problem remembering their pick this round, which got a few laughs.

Third Round

Blades: Meghan Turner, F, QU
Furies: Melissa Channell, D, Wisconsin
Shenzen: Hannah Miller, C, St. Lawrence
Thunder: Megan Sullivan, F, Colgate
Inferno: Annie Belangér, G, UConn
Furies: Julia Fedeski, D, UNH

The draft started in earnest here. The Furies once again had Montreal’s pick in this round. It was also Shenzen’s final draft due to international player numbers. Small joked she wrote down her draft picks this round. It was slightly shocking that three goaltenders have been picked thus far and none of them are US Olympian Alex Rigsby nor Finnish Olympian Meeri Räisänen.

Hannah Bevis pointed out though that since players list their cities it’s possible Rigsby and Räisänen had only listed one city. So that team would have time to draft them

Fourth Round

Blades: Jessica Convery, G, University of Minnesota Duluth
Furies: Emma Greco, D, Quinnipiac University
Thunder: Daniella Matteucci, D, Clarkson University
Inferno: Alex Rigsby, G, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Montreal: Taylor Willard, D, University of Vermont

There goes Rigsby, to the Inferno.

Fifth Round

Blades: Rebecca Fleming, F, University of Connecticut
Furies: Mackenzie Macneil, F,  University of Vermont
Thunder: Gina Repaci, D, University of Vermont
Inferno: Tori Hickel, D, Northeastern University
Montreal: Catherine Daoust, D, University of Minnesota Duluth

The Inferno drafted Tori Hickel, sister of Zoe Hickel. GM Kristen Hagg did a great job at saying Tori’s SDHL team name: Djurgården.

Sixth Round

Blades: Jennifer MacAskill, F, Mercyhurst University
Furies: Megan Quinn, D, Syracuse University
Thunder: Kelly Gribbons, R, University of Guelph
Inferno: Venla Hovi, F, University of Manitoba
Montreal: Marie-Joelle Allard, D, Concordia University

Venla Hovi, a Finnish Olympian and U Sports alumna, was taken in this round. Three U Sports were taken, the most in one round thus far.

Seventh Round

Blades: Carrie Atkinson, D, Lindenwood University
Furies: Alysha Burris, F, Syracuse University
Thunder: Elijah Milne-Price, G, Robert Morris University
Inferno: Kaitlin Willoughby, F, University of Saskatchewan
Montreal: Emma Martin, D, University of Prince Edward Island

Eighth Round

Blades: Chih Lin Liu, D, Chinese Taipei National Team
Furies: Emma Pearson, D, Western University
Thunder: Meeri Räisänen, G, Robert Morris University
Inferno: Eden Murray, F, Yale University
Montreal: Kelsey Neumann, G, SUNY-Plattsburgh

This was a rather international round! Chih Lin Lui is from Taipei’s National Team. Räisänen is from Finland’s (remember she was drafted because this comes up later). Kelsey Neumann had played previously in the NWHL for the Beauts.

Ninth Round

Blades: Hannah Desjarlais, F, Buffalo State College
Furies: Andrea Zeismann, D, State University of New York at Plattsburgh
Thunder: Mariah Fujimagari, G, University of Maine
Inferno: Natalie Fraser, F, Robert Morris University
Montreal: Olivia Atkinson, F, McGill University

Tenth Round

Blades: Shannon Hickey, F, Plymouth State University
Furies: Stefanine Thomson, F, Union College
Thunder: Malika Aldabergenova, F, Aisulu Hockey Club
Inferno: Kendra Hanson, F,  Northern Alberta Institute of Technology
Montreal: Caroll-Ann Gagne, D, Concordia University

In the 10th and final live streamed round, the Blades started it off by trying to draft Räisänen, who was drafted by Markham already. There was some confusion and some looking around before rookie Blades GM Derek Alfama was called back up to draft someone he actually could draft. Thunder GM had a great personal connection to her draftee, Malika Aldabergenova from Kazakhstan. The two played together!

The rest of the draft happens away from the public, because it goes until every registered player is drafted. You can follow the rest on the CWHL’s Draft Tracker.