Which women’s hockey players would participate in Red Bull Crashed Ice?

This Friday and Saturday, Red Bull is bringing their Crashed Ice event to the iconic Fenway Park in Boston. Red Bull-sponsored Les Canadiennes de Montreal player Hilary Knight will be on hand as a judge for the freestyle event Friday.

But first, she — and Boston Pride players Brittany Ott, Lexi Bender, and Jordan Smelker — will be testing out the course on this afternoon, during a media day for the weekend.

This got us at The Ice Garden thinking ... if there was an all Women’s Hockey Crashed Ice event, who would participate? What would the heats be?

We never figured out who would win, so let us know who you think beats the competition in the comments!

Heat: smol

Dana Trivigno / Kendall Coyne Schofield / Erica Lawler / Rebecca Russo

Coyne Schofield might take the cake here because she would just zoom past everyone. But honestly, is that the right strategy for Crashed Ice? I don’t know because I’ve never done it.

Heat: tall

Hilary Knight / Kelley Steadman / Natalie Spooner / Mira Jalosuo

Are Spooner’s skates sharper than her eyeliner wings? We’d find out here.

Heat: chaos

Jess Jones / Kelly Babstock / Rebecca Vint / Maddie Elia

Do we need to explain? Trivigno probably could have fit in here too.

Heat: goalies

Amanda Leveille  / Brittany Ott / Kimberly Sass

Geneviève Lacasse / Erica Howe / Noora Räty

The goalies would go down in full gear, so only three would go at a time, hence the need for two goalie heats. I guess we’ll see how Ott does today.

Heat: NCAA

Erin Connolly (BC) / Loren Gabel (Clarkson) / Daryl Watts (BC) / Emma Maltais (OSU)

Megan Keller could also be in this group but, in this hypothetical situation, we didn’t want to make BC fans panic anymore then necessary.

Heat: European

Fanny Rask / Michelle Karvinen / Isabell Palm / Rosa Lindstedt

Why not? Crashed Ice is an international phenomenon.

Heat: wildcards

Haley Skarupa / Allie Thunstrom / Kaleigh Fratkin

Jillian Saulnier / Jamie Lee Rattray / Laura Fortino / Meghan Agosta

Wildcard is really just a short way of saying “we couldn’t figure out where also to put these players but we think they would participate.”

Heat: retired

Gillian Apps / Angela Ruggiero / Julie Chu / Emma Eliasson / Emma Terho

Some of them may have been out of the game for a while, but we bet they could still have a respectable run.