Welcome to the 2018-19 NWHL Season Preview!

An FAQ and all of our preview links in one convenient location

Hello and welcome to The Ice Garden’s 2018-19 NWHL season preview!

We’ve got a whole week of content to get you ready for season four of the National Women’s Hockey League, from team previews and players to watch to a look at the league. You’ll find all the links below our brief FAQ!


How many teams are there?
This is the first season with five teams! The founding four are the Buffalo Beauts, Boston Pride, Connecticut Whale, and Metropolitan (formerly New York) Riveters. The Minnesota Whitecaps were added to the league this season.

Where does each team play?
Buffalo Beauts plays at the HarborCenter (Buffalo, NY).
Boston Pride plays at Warrior Ice Arena (Boston, MA).
Connecticut Whale plays at Terry Conners Rink (Stamford, CT).
Metropolitan Riveters play at Barnabas Health Hockey House (Newark, NJ).
The Minnesota Whitecaps play at TRIA Rink (St. Paul, MN).

How can I watch games?
In person is the best. Tickets can be found on the NWHL’s website or even bought in person, though be careful that games don’t sell out, especially in Minnesota as the league has already announced their opening game is very near a sell out.
Typically games are streamed online. Details for this season haven’t been announced but in the past the league has streamed via Twitter and YouTube.
On Oct. 3, the league announced games will be streamed via Twitter with the Game of the Week back for the second season as well as YouTube.

How are the playoffs structured?
Since this if the first season with five teams, we aren’t sure how that will work yet. But in the past, the first seed has played the fourth, the second plays the third. The only season to see a multi-game playoff series was the first season in the Isobel Cup (that’s the trophy!) Finals. In the second and third season, the finals were a one-game, winner take all situation.

Who’s won the Isobel Cup?
Each season has seen a new champion! In order, Boston Pride, Buffalo Beauts, and Metropolitan Riveters. The Beauts have played in every single Final though.

What’s the best way to follow the league?
Twitter probably. Start with the NWHL accounts and, of course, The Ice Garden. We have an NWHL Twitter list that will help get you started on who to follow. There’s a pretty strong Tumblr community as well.

Do you have any other questions?
Ask us in the comments!

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