WATCH: Natalie Spooner, Amanda Kessel try out figure skates

spring rolls?

In my extremely professional opinion, Battle of the Blades is basically the Disney Channel Original Movie “Go Figure” in real life. So, count me in a 100 percent on board with this show. Add in the fact that Natalie Spooner and Amanda Kessel are in season five and instant new favorite show.

If you need more information than that, Battle of the Blades is a Canadian reality competition show where hockey players try to become pairs figure skaters. The weekly show has each pair performing a routine and being judged. Each are skating for a charity, and pride I’m assuming.

It’s probably important to note that hockey and figure skates are wildly different, making switching a difficult task. A large majority of it comes down to the blade. A figure skate blade is longer and flatter than a hockey skate blade. The curve on the blade is also in different spot meaning your center of gravity is also in a different spot. There’s also, you know, a toe pick on figure skates.

As someone who grew up as a figure skater and tried to switch to hockey skates, its really really really hard. I failed.

The first episode airs on CBC on Sept. 19. But before that, they graced us with a highlight video of the first time the hockey players hit the ice in figure skates. It features A Lot of Amanda Kessel. Like a lot.

Highlights include:

  • Kessel being confused as if figure skaters wear socks...?
  • Kessel’s uh, interesting way she ties her skates
  • Kessel looking like a newborn deer as she tries to do a crossover
  • Spooner misunderstanding of “spring rolls”
  • Both being spun around by their partners/