WATCH: Episode 10 of What You Missed in Women's Hockey

The CWHL is going back to China (again), the NWHL gets new roster rules, and more in this week's video.

We’re going to start posting a short video every week that explains all the big news that you may have missed in women’s hockey. It will keep both new and veteran fans alike posted on everything you need to know in the whcky world.

In this week's episode of "What you missed last week in women's hockey..."

What You Missed in Women's Hockey

The CWHL is going to China (stop us if you've heard this one before), the NWHL is changing roster sizes, and more in this week's edition of What You Missed in Women's Hockey.

Posted by The Ice Garden on Saturday, July 22, 2017

0:13 - The NWHL is changing its roster sizes, which is also changing how players are getting paid.

1:03 - The CWHL is expanding again! It's going to....China? Again?

2:10 - Markham announces it's new team colors after the fan vote. Some of us were happy! Some of us were...sore losers.

2:21 - The Connecticut Whale are swimming back to Stamford

2:30 - Hirings, firings and signings from this week...and one retiring.

(Photos in the video are from Al Saniuk, Pat McCarthy, Andreas Planck, Mike Dickie and and the Markham Thunder/CWHL).