Tyler Tumminia to step down as PHF Commissioner following playoffs

Tumminia will remain with the PHF through the completion of the Isobel Cup playoffs before stepping down

UPDATE on 2/21/22, 1:20 p.m. ET:

The Ice Garden has also learned that Lisa Haley, Senior Vice President of Hockey Operations, and Katie Gardner, Vice President of Business Strategy and Marketing, are also leaving the league at the end of the season. According to a source, the moves are because front office roles are trending towards full time rather than the current part time commitments they currently are.

UPDATE on 2/20/22, 6:40 p.m. ET:

The PHF has confirmed commissioner Ty Tumminia will be stepping down from her position at the conclusion of the Isobel Cup Playoffs, which are scheduled between March 25-28.

From the league’s statement:

“Supporting our phenomenal athletes and helping build a professional platform for them to showcase their incredible talent and skill is something I’ve loved from the moment my hockey journey began,” said Tumminia. “I take a lot of pride in what we’ve been able to do as a team in a short amount of time, and I’m grateful to the Board of Governors for the opportunity, to my PHF staff, team leadership, and most importantly the athletes for believing in me. I’m here to focus on finishing what we started in season seven and make the Isobel Cup Playoffs one to remember. The foundation for growth and a sustainable business model is here, and I look forward to welcoming somebody new to come and take things to the next level.”

Johanna Boynton, principal owner of the Toronto Six and member of the Board of Governors credits Tumminia for making a significant impact not just in the league, but in the entirety of the women’s game as the league’s commissioner. “We have Tyler to thank for propelling the PHF into a new era as we continue our unwavering commitment to growing the PHF and professional women’s hockey across North America,” Boynton said in the release.

The PHF has stated that the search for its third commissioner is already underway. The search is being led by the Board of Governors. Finding Tumminia’s successor will be the most important decision the league has made yet with the 2022 Olympics over and a $25 million investment attached to the immediate future of the PHF.

As first reported by Jeff Marek on Hockey Night in Canada, PHF Commissioner Tyler Tumminia will not seek to renew her contract following the completion of the 2021-22 season. She will continue serving in the role until the end of the Isobel Cup Playoffs which are currently scheduled to be held from March 25-28 at AdventHealth Center Ice in Wesley Chapel Florida.

The news broke on Twitter when Marek put out a Tweet announcing Tumminia’s resignation. His comments on HNIC clarify that Tumminia informed the Board of Governors in January that she will not be seeking a renewal of her current contract and intends to remain in the role until the completion of the playoffs. The news comes just a month after the PHF announced a major $25 million investment from the Board of Governors.

Tumminia was named interim commissioner following the departure of inaugural commissioner and founder, Dani Rylan Kearney in October 2020. On August 4, 2021, Tumminia was officially named full-time commissioner. Tumminia took over from Rylan Kearney just as the league was preparing for the 2021 single site season in Lake Placid that was ultimately canceled due to COVID-19.

Since Tumminia took over as commissioner, the PHF has announced plans to raise the salary cap, increase player benefits, and expand into Montreal and an as-yet-undecided American market thanks to a $25 million dollar investment from the Board of Directors. They also secured a partnership with ESPN to stream the 2021-22 PHF season on ESPN+ and international affiliates.