Transaction Tuesday: The Drafts are Done

It’s time for the seventh installment of Transaction Tuesday  — catching you up on all offseason moves made by teams in the NWHL and CWHL. And with both the NWHL and CWHL Draft done, there’s plenty we need to catch up on.

Note: All developments that have taken place in the last two weeks are noted with bold text.


  • Hayley Moore has been named the league’s deputy commissioner and director of player development. /

Boston Pride

  • Centralization: Gigi Marvin, Kacey Bellamy, Meghan Duggan, Hilary Knight, Brianna Decker, Amanda Pelkey
  • Out: Blake Bolden (HC Lugano, Swiss League), Rachel Llanes (Kunlun Red Star), Alex Carpenter (Kunlun Red Star)
  • Re-signed: Lexi Bender, Jordan Smelker, Jillian Dempsey, Mary Parker, Emily Field, Alyssa Gagliardi, Marissa Gedman
  • Signed: Kathyrn Tomaselli (practice player last season), Michaela Levine (practice player last season), Kaliya Johnson, Janine Weber, Brianna Laing, Paige Savage, Sydney Daniels, Paige Harrington, Dana Trivigno
  • Front office: Thomas Poeck replaces Bobby Jay as head coach, Hayley Moore will leave her post as the team’s general manager.
  • 2017 Draft Picks: Katie Burt, Kenzie Kent, Mallory Souliotis, Lexie Laing, Lauren Kelly, Julia Fedeski/

The Pride have enjoyed luring talent from the NWHL’s other three teams this offseason, but Boston recently lost two key forwards to the CWHL’s expansion into China.

Alex Carpenter was taken in the second round by Kunlun Red Star and Rachel Llanes has also been tied to KRS. That is a lot of offense and experience out of the lineup. And while Boston’s roster is still deep and scary on paper, there’s no denying that the loss of Carpenter and Llanes will be a factor.

Buffalo Beauts

  • Centralization: Emily Pfalzer, Megan Bozek
  • Re-signed: Corinne Buie, Amanda Leveille, Sarah Casorso, Jordyn Burns, Hayley Scamurra, Kourtney Kunichika, Lisa Chesson, Jacquie Greco
  • Signed: Kelsey Neumann (practice player last season), Jordan Ott, Kayla Parsons (practice player last season), Taylor Accursi, Kathy  Donohue, Kristin Lewicki, Sarah Shureb, Kaylyn Schroka, Jessica Sibley,  Kelly Seward, Colleen Murphy, Julie DiTondo, Maddie Elia, Sarah Edney
  • Out: Harrison Browne (New York Riveters), Brianne McLaughlin (retirement), Ashley Vesci (retirement), Devon Skeats (retirement), Shiann Darkangelo, Emily Janiga, Kelley Steadman (retirement), Paige Harrington (Boston Pride)
  • 2017 Draft Picks: Kennedy Marchment, Savannah Harmon, Brittany Howard, Annika Zalewski, Amy Schlagel/

The Beauts shocked the world of women’s hockey by signing former first overall CWHL Draft pick and star defender Sarah Edney away from the Markham Thunder.

Edney is now the brightest star on Buffalo’s blue line, which is exactly what the team needed with Emily Pfalzer and Megan Bozek lost to Olympic centralization. Even more intriguing is that The Ice Garden has learned that more CWHL players may be following Edney’s lead. And given Buffalo’s proximity to Canada, the defending Isobel Cup Champions could soon be adding more talent from north of the border.

Connecticut Whale

  • Re-signed: Kelly Babstock, Elena Orlando, Cydney Roesler, Juana Baribeau, Sam Faber, Jordan Brickner
  • Signed: Sydney Rossman (Quinnipiac), Shannon Doyle (practice player last season), Anya Battaglino (practice player last season), Rachael Ade, Emily Fluke
  • Out: Kelli Stack (Kunlun Red Star, CWHL), Kaliya Johnson (Boston Pride), Zoe Hickel (Kunlun Red Star), Celeste Brown  (retirement), Dana Trivigno (Boston Pride), Nicole Kosta (Markham Thunder)
  • Front Office: Head coach Ryan Equale.
  • 2017 Draft Picks: Sam Donovan, Eden Murray, Denisa Krizova, Nina Rodgers/

The Whale managed to pick up a fantastic player like Krizova late in the draft, which helped make up for the fact that Connecticut didn’t have a first round pick. With that being said, the picks made by the Whale this August won’t do anything to help Connecticut in the 2017-18 season.

Ryan Equale’s team needs more firepower. It will be interesting to see what role recent signing Emily Fluke plays next season for the Whale. She is the most recent NCAA D III alumna to sign in the NWHL.

New York Riveters

  • Centralization: Amanda Kessel
  • PyeongChang-bound: Sojung Shin (Korea)
  • Out: Madison Packer (retirement), Janine Weber (Boston Pride), Milica McMillen (retirement/coaching), Lauren Wash (retirement after re-signing)
  • Re-signed: Katie Fitzgerald, Tatiana Rafter, Rebecca Russo, Alexa Gruschow, Miye D’Oench, Kiira Dosdall, Ashley Johnston, Bray Ketchum, Courtney Burke, Kelsey Koelzer, Michelle Picard
  • Signed: Sarah Bryant (practice player last season), Cheeky Herr (practice player last season), Lindsey Hylwa, Jenny Ryan, Harrison Browne
  • Front Office: Chad Wiseman will be returning as the Riveters head coach and GM.
  • 2017 Draft Picks: Taylar Cianfarano, Victoria Bach, McKenna Brand, Toni Ann Miano, Rebecca Leslie/

Lauren Wash decided to go back to school, leaving the Riveters with another roster spot to fill. Adding Harrison Browne earlier in the offseason now holds even more value for a Riveters team that will once again be defined by its blue line and the goaltending of Katie Fitzgerald.

The Riveters now have 16 of a possible 25 players signed. Clearly, more signings are coming. But the blue line is already well-established. The focus for Wiseman and the Riveters must now turn to finding more forwards.


Boston Blades

  • Out: Kayla Tutino (trade with Les Canadiennes), Maggie DiMasi (trade with Les Canadiennes), Nachi Fujimoto (trade with Les Canadiennes)
  • Front office: General manager Krista Patronick has left the team. Jessica Martino will succeeded her.
  • Drafted: Courtney Turner, Robyn Chemago, Bulbul Kartanbayeva, Amie Varano, Kaitlin Spurling, Michelle Ng, Erin Hall, Meaghan Spurling, Kelly Kittredge, Refika Yilmaz, Kristen Embrey, Erin Dwyer, Alison Quinn, Sarah Park, Casey Sathopoulos, Ashley Ryan, Taryn Harris, Rachel Vigliano, Megan Servaes, Gabby Crugnale, Casey Breese, Elizabeth Aveson, Cassandra Sherman, Cassandra Dunne, Carolyn Campbell/

No team made more picks in the 2017 CWHL Draft than the Boston Blades. The Blades selected 25 players, including first overall pick Courtney Turner from Union College and Bulbul Kartanbayeva from Kazakhstan and Refika Yilmaz from Turkey.

New Blades general manager Jessica Martino also made sure to pick plenty of prospects from Massachusetts. Boston will have no shortage of players to pick from at training camp. And with DiMasi and Fujimoto now in Montreal, there are plenty of spots to fill, especially on the blue line.

Calgary Inferno

  • Centralization: Rebecca Johnston, Jill Saulnier, Bailey Bram, Brianne Jenner, Haley Irwin, Blayre Turnbull, Brigette Lacquette, Meaghan Mikkelson, Geneviève Lacasse, Emerance Maschmeyer (alternate)
  • In: Brittney Fouracres (trade with Les Canadiennes)
  • Out: Emerance Maschmeyer (trade with Les Canadiennes)
  • PyeongChang-bound: Iya Gavrilova (Russia), Akane Hosoyamada (Japan), Aina Takeuchi (Japan)
  • Front office: Kristen Hagg was promoted to the team’s general manager. She served the Inferno as an assistant GM last season.
  • Drafted: Taryn Baumgardt, Kelly Murray, Sophie Shirley, Lindsey Post, Kayla Gardner, Kelty Apperson, Lyndsay Kirkham, Anissa Gamble, Kennedy Brown, Megan Grenon, Angela Burke, Hayley Rodger, Krista Wilson/

The Inferno lost Emerance Maschmeyer and will now depend on Delayne Brian and draft pick Lindsey Post to tend the goal. Maschmeyer only played in Calgary for one season, but she is still a massive loss, especially with Lacasse playing with Canada.

Kristen Hagg did manage to pick up diminutive defender Brittney Fouracres in exchange for future considerations. Fouracres played in 21 games last season for Montreal and is an Alberta native.

Hagg made another Alberta-born defender, Taryn Baumgardt, the team’s first selection in the CWHL Draft. Baumgardt played her college hockey at Quinnipiac and is best known for her play away from the puck.

Kunlun Red Star

  • In: Kelli Stack, Noora Räty, Jessica Wong, Zoe Hickel, Melanie Jue, Rachel Llanes
  • Front Office: Digit Murphy is the head coach, Chris Vanstone is the general manager.
  • Drafted: Melanie Jue, Rui Zhu, Liying Yang, Wenzhuo Wang, Baiwei Yu, Zhixin Liu, Lu Wen, Yue Hou, Naixin Zhou, Yuqing Wang, Siye He, Lixue Xing, Bowen Jiang, Noora Räty, Alex Carpenter, Taylor Marchin, Shiann Darkangelo, Stephanie Anderson, Zoe Hickel, Madison Woo/

Alex Carpenter being drafted in the second round by KRS was a big surprise last Sunday. But we also learned what the rest of the Kunlun Red Star roster looked like outside of Stack, Hickel and Räty. The CWHL Draft is done and Red Star’s roster is finally something more than a slew question marks.

It also appears that former Boston Blade and Boston Pride forward Rachel Llanes will be following Carpenter to China. And former Calgary Inferno first overall pick Jessica Wong will likely be joining them.

Kunlun’s young core of native Chinese players will have a lot of talent and leadership around them. It will be an exciting team to watch.

Les Canadiennes de Montreal

  • Centralization: Marie-Philip Poulin, Lauriane Rougeau
  • In: Kayla Tutino (trade with Boston Blades), Emerance Maschmeyer, Nachi Fujimoto, Maggie DiMasi
  • Out: Leslie Oles (EV Bomo Thun, Swiss League), Amanda Makela (trade with Toronto Furies), Brittney Fouracres (trade with Calgary Inferno)
  • Front Office: Meg Hewings will return as Les Canadiennes general manager.
  • Drafted: Melodie Daoust, Laurence Beaulieu, Natalie Barrette, Erinn Noseworthy, Emilie Bouchard, Tracy-Ann Lavigne, Marie-Soleil Deschenes, Cindy Laurin, Lore Baudrit, Shayna Dominique/

Daoust and Maschmeyer are now members of Les Canadiennes, what more do you need to know?

Montreal made a massive trade before the draft. Meg Hewings acquired Maschmeyer from the Inferno to a complete an earlier trade. So it appears that we now have the heir to Charline Labonte’s throne in Montreal. And it’s hard to think of a better successor than Masch.

Hewings also picked up two defenders from the Boston Blades in exchange for a sixth and seventh round pick (used in the 2017 Draft). DiMasi and Fujimoto make Montreal a deeper team and add some more experience to the blue line.

Markham Thunder (formerly Brampton)

  • Centralization: Laura Stacey, Laura Fortino, Jocelyn Larocque, Erica Howe (alternate)
  • Out: Kaitlyn Tougas (Modo, SDHL), Sarah Edney (Buffalo Beauts, NWHL)
  • Front office: Jim Jackson will replace 2016-17 Coach of the Year Tyler Fines as head coach; Chelsea Purcell named full-time general manager.
  • Drafted: Nicole Kosta, Lindsay Grigg, Cassie Clayton, Devon Skeats, Justine Treadwell, Rianna Langford, Cara Sayles, Megan Delay, Itsuki Baba, Mariya Sorokina, Anna Goulding, Carly Richardson/

As the CWHL Draft approached, we learned that the Thunder are going to be a much different team next season. The Thunder lost Sarah Edney to the NWHL and the Buffalo Beauts. And, perhaps as a result, the Thunder selected former NWHL defender Lindsay Grigg in the second round on Sunday.

The Thunder added another former NWHL player in the first round of the draft. Chelsea Purcell made Nicole Kosta the team’s top pick. Purcell took another former NWHL player in the fourth round when she selected Isobel Cup Champion Devon Skeats.

Toronto Furies

  • Centralization: Natalie Spooner, Renata Fast, Erin Ambrose
  • PyeongChang-bound: Sena Suzuki (Japan)
  • Out: Kelly Terry (retirement), Michela Cava (Modo, SDHL), Jenelle Kohanchuk (Modo, SDHL)
  • Front Office: Nicole Latreille is the Furies’ new general manager. Sommer West has stepped down as the team’s head coach.
  • Drafted: Kristyn Capizzano, Brittany Zuback, Sydney Kidd, Shannon Stewart, Alexa Aramburu, Cassidy Delainey, Grace Klienbach, Michelle Evagelou, Maeve Kehoe, Audrey-Ann Boutor, Alessandra Bianchi, Brooke Gibson, Nicole Magee/

Toronto-native and Boston College star Kristyn Capizzano was the Furies first round pick on Sunday. Nicole Latreille is counting on her replacing much of the talent that the Furies have lost to Olympic centralization and players leaving for Europe.

It’s unclear whether or not more changes are coming to the CWHL teams in the Greater Toronto Area, but it is something to keep an eye on. Speaking of connections to the NWHL, it’s also interesting to note that former NWHL defender Sydney Kidd (formerly of the New York Riveters) was the Furies third round pick on Sunday.

Vanke Rays

  • Front Office: Rob Morgan is the head coach, Shirley Hon is the general manager. Morten Kjolby will serve as an assistant coach.
  • Drafted: Cayley Mercer, Elaine Chuli, Brooke Webster, Hanna Bunton, Emily Janiga, Ashleigh Brykaliuk, Emma Woods, Xin Fang, Qinan Zhao, Rose Alleva, Lauren Kelly, Minghui Kong, Xin He, Yue Lv, Bo Wang, Tianyi Zhang, Hongxin Yan, Jiachao Xu, Han Gao, Jinqiu Xiao/

A few of the players who were tied to Kunlun before the draft, including Emma Woods and Brooke Webster, were selected by the Rays. As a result, much of the mystery surrounding the Rays roster has been cleared up.

At first glance the Rays have less star power than Red Star, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that Vanke will be a bad team. Frankly, we don’t know what Morgan’s team will look like until we finally see some CWHL hockey in China.