Toronto Furies player Jessica Platt comes out as transgender

Becomes the first openly transgender player in the CWHL, third openly out trans player in women’s hockey.

Jessica Platt, a player for the Toronto Furies of the CWHL, posted on Instagram and Twitter late Wednesday night publicly coming out as transgender.

The caption on her Instagram post read

I hope that I can inspire others to live their lives true to who they are and to never give up on their dreams. #cwhl#transgender #transathlete #wearethegsme#furiesfever

Platt is the first transgender player to publicly come out in the CWHL, but she’s the third trans athlete in women’s hockey to come out - Harrison Browne announced he was trans last year in the NWHL and recently, Australian goaltender Ella Licari posted on FB that she was transgender as well.

Platt has received an avalanche of support after her announcement from the CWHL, her teammates, and fans.

You can read more about Jessica Platt in Katie Barne’s ESPNW piece on her.