Top Shelf Podcast Episode 4: Chobani goes to China

We do not hold any of the rights for anything Chobani related nor are we sponsored by them...unless you want to, Chobani?

Hello and welcome to Top Shelf, where we keep the hot takes and the hard liquor!

This is a podcast where Michelle Jay and Hannah Bevis have a couple drinks, get a little tipsy, and talk about the biggest stories in women’s hockey. We’ll be talking about a little bit of everything on this podcast from the NCAA to the NWHL and CWHL to U Sports and SDHL and AWIHL and whatever else comes up.

We’re on iTunes now too! You can find us under the Founding Four Podcast channel - currently we’re still sharing a Soundcloud account. We’re going to try and figure out how to get each podcast its own channel, but for now you can find everything there (and really, you should listen to both of them, because they’re both wonderful).

We’ll be recording this podcast weekly, with new episodes going up on Wednesday mornings.

In this week’s episode, Hannah and Michelle forget to talk about the Erin Ambrose trade (it was a week ago, that’s like a decade in podcast time) but we DO talk about how the Riveters kept rolling, some milestones in the CWHL, and debate whether or not Team USA head coach Robb Stauber actually knows what he’s doing (because we have no clue). Also, Michelle tries to #StumpHannah again and Hannah sings a horrendous rendition of the Canadian national anthem in French. Seriously, just skip the last five minutes of the podcast, you REALLY don’t need to hear it. Nope. Not at all.

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(A note, there IS some swearing on this podcast. We try to keep it PG. It mostly works.)