Top Shelf Podcast Episode 1: Wherefore Art Thou, Lamoureuxs?

Welcome to the newest podcast at The Ice Garden!

Hello and welcome to the newest podcast on The Ice Garden, Top Shelf (where we keep the hot takes and the hard liquor).

This is a podcast where Michelle Jay and Hannah Bevis have a couple drinks, get a little tipsy, and talk about the biggest stories in women’s hockey. We’ll be talking about a little bit of everything on this podcast from the NCAA to the NWHL and CWHL to U Sports and SDHL and AWIHL and whatever else comes up. It was a fun time for us recording and we hope it’ll be a fun time for you listening. We have been trying to get this podcast going for a while now and are very excited to finally have our first episode ready for you to listen! *throws confetti*

For now, we are just on Soundcloud, but that will change very shortly and you’ll be able to find us on iTunes too. We’ll be recording this podcasts weekly, with new episodes usually going up on Wednesday mornings.

In our first episode, Hannah and Michelle talk about Team USA’s recent decision to add two new players to their roster, how good Victoria Bach is at scoring goals, how Kunlun and Vanke are tearing up the CWHL, and if the Boston Pride will ever win a game. We also play a game and yell a little. It’s a fun time.

Enjoy the podcast!

We’re also going to be doing mailbag segments on the show! If you want to ask a question, comment below, tweet at @Hannah_Bevis1 or @michelle_jay3 using the hashtag #topshelfmailbag, or message our Tumblr.

(A note, there IS some swearing on this podcast. We try to keep it PG. It mostly works.)