Top Shelf Episode 53: All-time all-stars

We questioned each others picks, debated merits, and struggled a lot

Hello and welcome to Top Shelf, where we keep the hot takes and the hard liquor!

This is a podcast where Michelle Jay and Hannah Bevis have a couple drinks, get a little tipsy, and talk about the biggest stories in women’s hockey. We talk about a little bit of everything on this podcast from the NCAA to the NWHL and CWHL to U Sports and SDHL and AWIHL and whatever else comes up.

This week, Hannah and Michelle pick their All-time All-Star teams. There were rules. Each team could only have 12 forwards, six defenders, and three goalies. We were allowed to pick a player from a specific era (aka, Daryl Watts Patty Kaz Year, Alina Muller’s Olympic performance). Each team needed two coaches as well. They can be either existing coaches (ie: Katie King Crowley) or players you’d like to see as coaches (ie: Meghan Duggan). So as not to spoil either of our teams, click here for our teams.

We questioned each others picks, debated merits, and struggled a lot. Stick through to the end because instead of our usual bloopers, you’ll get to hear excerpts of us trying to pick our teams.

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(A note, there IS some swearing on this podcast. We try to keep it PG. It mostly works, but there’s definitely some extra on this episode)