Top 5 PWHPA goals in Pittsburgh

Put some respect on their names!! The PWHPA entertained Pittsburgh fans with a high-scoring weekend.

It was a thrilling weekend of PWHPA action in Pittsburgh Nov. 26-27. The teams scored a total of 27 goals across just four games and more than a few were absolute gems.

In case you missed the best of the bunch, here are the highlights:

1) Rebecca Johnston

Rebecca Johnston took the puck end-to-end for an unbelievable third period goal. The play started with a Blayre Turnbull move that was pretty in and of itself. She quickly changed direction to avoid the forechecker dishing the puck to Johnston. Johnston circled before taking off into enemy territory. She used her own change of direction move to dodge the first player drawing the attention of the other four. She used speed to avoid two more and a toe drag to slip by the fourth Sonnet player. She brought the puck back to her forehand to evade the fifth and popped a quick shot into the net. The goal tied the game for Sonnet, turning the momentum in their favour late in the match. The beautiful individual clutch performance made this the goal of the weekend.

2) Jaime Bourbonnais

Jaime Bourbonnais deked so hard she turned Sam Cogan into a goalie. Johnston was, of course, involved again and found Bourbonnais open at the top of the slot. She pulled the puck back as if to shoot but had the patience to wait for Cogan to drop down to block the shot. Bourbonnais zipped around her with lightning-quick hands, leaving Cogan in the dust. The defending Sonnet players scrambled into the middle to try and prevent the goal, but the shot found its way through traffic. What a move!

3) Marie-Philip Poulin

Everything fell into place for Poulin in Harveyโ€™s game against Scotiabank in Pittsburgh. She capped off a hat trick performance with this great effort. As the puck is becoming free near the blueline, Poulin is still by her own net. But like a predator in the wild, she locks onto her target and hunts it down. She collects the puck at full stride and tears into the Scotiabank end in a two-on-one with Jessie Eldridge. The defending player doesnโ€™t commit to the shooter or the pass, and the Harveyโ€™s duo didnโ€™t need more of an invitation. Poulin makes redirecting the pass into a perfect shot look easy.

4) Megan Keller

Keller just ripped this one. She evaded detection, becoming open at the top of the far circle when Turnbull spotted her and sent the puck her way. She jumped into the play quickly, drawing defensive attention. This put her in a great position to either pass or shoot. Keller had lots of space to take a perfect wrist shot that rocketed to the net.

5) Jamie-Lee Rattray

The Harveyโ€™s defenders missed the player leaving the box, giving Adidas a prime opportunity. Savannah Harmon spotted the free Rattray, who collected the puck without a defending player in sight. She slowed down ever so slightly as she closed in on the net to make a subtle stutter move with her stick. The goalie was down and at the top of her crease, giving Rattray enough room to slide a carefree shot into the net.