The Wraparound: National Team players in the NHL All-Star Skills Competition

Plus the NWHL playoff picture and other links from around women’s hockey

Would the Story of the Week be anything but the 20 US and Canadian National Team players who are in the NHL All-Star Skills competition? The answer is no.

I want to start off by saying I’m definitely excited by this. I think its a great chance to put women’s hockey on a huge stage in a normally “off year” (aka the Olympics are next year or last year, when we typically see the most interest). The 3-on-3 format is going to showcase what these players excel at and is a great way to show off their skill set.

It also far and away better than the past year’s where the players demonstrated the drills and were more or less props. Don’t forget, Kendall Coyne Schofield only competed last year because a player got hurt at the last minute. Brianna Decker, Renata Fast, and Rebecca Johnston were still hanging in the background of it all.

But I’m cautiously optimistic.

Steve Mayer, the NHL’s chief content officer and executive vice president of events and entertainment, gave a statement to The Athletic that gave me pause. “This is a meaningful event — it’s on national television, not only are they going to be performing and playing in front of 20,000 people in the arena, but they are also playing in front of 40 of the greatest players in the NHL.”

Why is playing in front of the NHL players being treated as some great prize? To me, phrases like this make it seem like to the NHL women’s hockey is still below men’s hockey. These are Olympians, arguably some of the great women to ever play the game, not just 40 of the greatest players this year. The men are the ones who are treated to watching the best women play.

They’ve also given the women their own event, which again, is great. But the cynic in me looks at this and see that the NHL is afraid of the women competing against the men and having the #PayDecker issue happen again. Now they are confined to their own event where they’ll play against each other, and the NHL can wipe their hands clean of any potential controversy.

And then there’s the pay issue. The NHL is giving $100,000 in the name of the 20 National Team players to various charities that support girls and women’s hockey. Just pay them for darn sakes. It’s as easy as that (I mean it is probably more complicated then that but you know what I mean).

To bring it back on a positive note, the NHL brought in Cassie Campbell-Pascall, Cammi Granato, Angela Ruggiero, and Hayley Wickenheiser to advise on the rosters so we didn’t just get the 20 biggest names. Also, according Hailey Salvian at The Athletic, the players are being treated like the NHL players with equipment and jersey fittings (though no PWHPA nor National Team jerseys, the intrigue!) as well as their own locker room. So that’s cool!

Oh and the four referees will be all women - Kelly Cooke, Katie Guay, Kendall Hanley, and Kirsten Welsh. Also cool!

Okay I’ve ranted enough (for now) so here’s some other people’s words on it. Hannah Bevis and I also talk about this in this week’s Top Shelf episode so watch for that on Friday morning.

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Top Canadian and American women’s hockey players will face off in a 3-on-3 game at NHL All-Star weekend.


The Boston Pride continued their winning ways, narrowly beating the Metropolitan Riveters in their Monday matinee. The Riveters looked the strongest they have all season, after a rough start. This was a different team than the one who faced the Pride in the first few games.

The Connecticut Whale visited the Minnesota Whitecaps where they struggled to get anything going. The Whitecaps outscored them 13-1, not great.

This sets up a huge upcoming weekend in the NWHL as the Pride head west to the Whitecaps. The four points on the line will be huge as we head into the final five to six games of the season.

As for the playoff picture, the Pride have already locked up at least a home game in the first round, which general manager Karilyn Pilch confirmed on a Bruins podcast as March 8. The Whitecaps have all but locked up second as well as the only way the Riveters can catch them is if the Whitecaps lose every game and the Riveters win every remaining game.

It really comes down to the Beauts and Riveters and the four remaining games (!!) between the two. They play each other in the literal last game of the regular season and there’s a chance that will be the deciding game.

Standings as of 1/21


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The only PWHPA game this weekend was in Waterloo where Team McIntosh beat Team Gabel, 7-4.

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Get ready for some 3-on-3 hockey
Four PWHPA players will be playing in the ECHL 3-on-3 All-Star game Wednesday night at 8 p.m. on NHL Network.

“We were sick and tired of faking it” — The PWHPA’s Quest for Professionalism Continues | Victory Press

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