The Ice Goof Den: Flying High with Quidditch

What if the NWHL was secretly Quidditch teams from Harry Potter?

The Ice Goof Den is the brain child of some (read: one) writer at The Ice Garden. This series will feature random topics that are not quite hockey-related, but still good fun.

We all know that hockey is simply Quidditch for Muggles. What if some of the players of the NWHL are secretly witches? Here at The Ice Goof Den, we decided to sort the NWHL teams into Hogwarts houses and create their Quidditch rosters for them.

Metropolitan Ravenclaw

Ah, Ravenclaw. Often overlooked but still popular, this Metropolitan team started from the bottom and now they here. Wickedly smart, this is a team that has learned from their mistakes and grown stronger and stronger every season until they finally took home the Quidditch Cup.

  • Keeper : Katie Fitzgerald
  • Seeker : Rebecca Russo
  • Chasers : Alexa Gruschow, Miye D’Oench, Bray Ketchum
  • Beaters : Ashley Johnston, Madison Packer/

Ravenclaw’s weapon is their seeker. If for some odd reason the Chasers haven’t scored enough points or the Keeper hasn’t kept the Quaffle out of the net, they know they can depend on the speediest Seeker in the game - Rebecca Russo. A slight troublemaker,  she can be mistaken for the role of a beater, but once she gets going, it is obvious that she can absolutely fly.

Buffalo Slytherin

Oh Slytherin. The team everyone either loves or hates. Their Quidditch strategy is known to some as dirty and penalty-filled, but the ultimate truth is that they play hard and are hard to play against. Physical but clever, Slytherin’s ambitions lie in being the first team to two Quidditch Cups.

  • Keeper : Amanda Leveille
  • Seeker : Kristin Lewicki
  • Chasers : Hayley Scamurra, Kourtney Kunichika, Maddie Elia
  • Beaters : Sarah Casorso, Jess Jones/

The Slytherin Keeper Leveille seems unflappable in net — always stoically guarding the hoops, but off the pitch, her personality shines through. Using her cunning to make quick-witted jokes that leave everyone in stitches, she proves that Slytherins should never be stereotyped.

Boston Gryffindor

Gryffindors are strong and courageous, and their Quidditch team proves it in every position. Fierce lionesses, Gryffindor always perseveres, no matter the odds. With a never say die attitude, they can never be counted out as a contender for the Cup.

  • Keeper : Brittany Ott
  • Seeker : Emily Field
  • Chasers : Jillian Dempsey, Jordan Smelker, Janine Weber
  • Beaters : Dana Trivigno, Paige Harrington
  • Announcer : Denna Laing/

Though technically unbiased, the irreplaceable announcer for all matches belongs to Gryffindor. Denna Laing exemplifies the best character traits from Gryffindor. A true stalwart of the team, Laing is the team’s secret weapon. While she may not be on the pitch, her voice is broadcasted to all teams and motivates them all.

Connecticut Hufflepuff

Sometimes, we come across people in our lives and simply think, “Such a Hufflepuff.” There is no mal-intent, no insult meant — just a general feeling. The Connecticut Hufflepuff embody this feeling as a team. They are a team that skates on by with the flow.

  • Keeper : Sydney Rossman
  • Seeker : Amanda Boulier
  • Chasers : Kelly Babstock, Emily Fluke, Sam Faber
  • Beaters : Sophia Agostinelli, Elena Orlando/

Hufflepuff’s Chasers are deadly. When facing the opponent, the three witches have such great chemistry that the Quaffle moves faster than the eye can see. Spectators know that when the Quaffle is put back in play after a whistle, Babstock will most likely win it for her team. Then, it’s all quick movements from there between the three.

BONUS: Minnesota Beauxbatons

New to the scene but not the game, the Beauxbatons come in as a great fit. They look like a formidable opponent for cross-school play led by veterans who know how to steal the spotlight.

  • Keeper : Alex Rigsby
  • Seeker : Kendall Coyne
  • Chasers : Hannah Brandt, Sadie Lundquist, Kate Schipper
  • Beaters : Lamoureux Twins /

The key component for Beauxbatons are their two beaters: Monique and Jocelyne. We have already seen how much damage twins can do on opposing teams (RIP Fred Weasley), and the Lamoureux sisters are no different. Their special bond wreaks havoc on the opposition, especially as they can quickly shift from a defensive mindset to an offensive one.

There you have it! Which team do you have taking home the Quidditch Cup?