The Ice Garden wants YOU to help with our next project

Want to be a part of something with The Ice Garden? There's an app for that (not really, but you can still help us out!)

Ice Garden fans,

Have you ever wanted to be a part of The Ice Garden? To help out with a lasting project? To put your talents to work for the only website dedicated to Women’s Hockey coverage? Well we’ve got some good news for you: now you can!

We need your help!

In an effort to create audio promos for our videos, upcoming podcasts, and other media outputs, we are looking for fans to send us recordings of themselves saying some of the following phrases:

“This is The Ice Garden”

“Welcome to The Ice Garden”

“You’re watching The Ice Garden”

“You’re listening to The Ice Garden”

Huge bonus points if you can say any of these phrases in a different language. We’re looking for any and all languages for our promos. Hockey is a global game that knows no bounds, and we at the Ice Garden are dedicated to bringing you Women’s Hockey coverage from all corners of the globe. Our fans are a diverse and dedicated group, and we want to show that to the world.

If you do record in a different language, keep "The Ice Garden" in English, please.

A few guidelines to creating a quality recording:

1) Smartphone voice recorders have great quality. Feel free to use your phone. There are a number of free voice recording apps through the Apple and Android App Store.

2) Try to limit background noise and make your recording in a quiet place. We will not be able to use the recording if we can hear your dog Mr. Barkly going crazy at the neighbor’s cat in the background. Please be aware of your surroundings when recording.

3) Make sure you are facing the microphone in your phone while speaking. Consonants like “P” and “B” can make audio peaks and blips that are unwanted. Try to be close to the microphone while speaking, but don’t be right on top of it. Your microphone is not an ice cream cone.

4) It’s more efficient to do multiple takes in one recording rather than saying a phrase once and saving each take as a separate file. Say the same phrase 4 or 5 times in one recording. It gives us more data to work with and more samples to choose from

5) When you’ve recorded yourself saying some of the above phrases, e-mail the files to with the subject line "TIG Audio Recording." Please include your name and what language you spoke for the recording. Multiple files are acceptable, within reason — please don’t send us 50 recordings.

Let’s hear what you've got! Who knows, you may end up in an official The Ice Garden audio promo!