The Ice Garden to host “A Beginner’s Guide to Women’s Hockey” series

With the start of the women’s hockey season uncertain, The Ice Garden staff is introducing a new series to get new fans caught up on all things women’s hockey, from the NWHL to the PWHPA to the NCAA.

With the NWHL’s expansion to a new market, the restructuring of the PWHPA, and the status of NCAA hockey in flux, we at The Ice Garden figured it was the perfect time to introduce the game we know and love to a new generation of women’s hockey fans.

What started as a small, informal information session on the NWHL for two of my friends quickly blossomed into something even bigger — and, 450 registrants later, The Ice Garden is proud to present “A Beginner’s Guide to Women’s Hockey,” a three-part video series that will cover the basics of the NWHL, the PWHPA, and the NCAA.

The first video in the series, “A Beginner’s Guide to the NWHL,” will premier today, August 12, at 7:30 PM eastern on The Ice Garden’s YouTube channel. Several members of The Ice Garden staff will be online during the premier and in the live chat to answer any questions you might have about the league and to prepare you for the sixth season of NWHL hockey.

So grab your headphones, your Air Pods, your ears, or prepare to turn on closed captions — because your adventure into the world of women’s hockey starts tonight, and you don’t want to miss it.