The Ice Garden Fantasy Hockey: 2021-22 PHF

It’s time to build your team!

The 2021-22 PHF season is here, which means it is time for The Ice Garden’s first full-season fantasy league! This will be the longest season of fantasy hockey yet, which provides unique challenges to all potential managers. Are you ready to test your fantasy skills?


Before we truly dive in, we want to mention that competing in our league is free but I would like to encourage you to donate, if you are able, to the Black Girl Hockey Club, the Trans Lifeline, the Trevor Project, RAINN, and/or 1in6. Consider this an “optional” registration fee — again there is no pressure to do this. We just think fantasy hockey is a lot more rewarding if we do a little bit of good while we have some fun.

Note: I will be donating $75 to the winner of the league’s charity of choice. So yes, there is something on the line other than bragging rights! There may also be other prizes for the top teams, so keep an eye out for that.

2021-22 PHF Preview: an overview


As the manager of your team, you must select six forwards, four defenders, and two goaltenders. That’s 10 skaters and two goalies. Every roster slot needs to be filled. When making your team, make sure you don’t slot a forward into a defender’s roster spot or vice versa.

  • Click THIS LINK to review the player pool which includes each players’ fantasy value as well as their scoring rates (Pts/GP) in a few relevant leagues.
  • You have a salary cap of 1,000 TIG Bucks to build your team. That averages out to about 83 points per player, so keep that in mind while building your roster.
  • You must have players from at least three of the PHF’s six teams on your roster. Why? Because it’s fun to mix things up!
  • Each PHF player has been given a value based on their Game Score and/or Pts/GP last season in the PHF, NCAA, and other leagues. This value does not represent their skill or ability as a hockey player — it’s not an “overall rating” like you’d see in a video game. It simply represents their projected value as a fantasy player based on the limited stats we’re looking at.
  • Note: you need to make a copy of the Google Sheet to be able to edit it and play around with your team onto your own Drive. Go to the “Build Your Team” tab to do that after coping the sheet, it will make building your team a lot easier./


  • Make sure your total salary is under 1,000 TIG Bucks and that you have players in the right positions. Also, make sure you have players from at least three different PHF teams.
  • Write out your team as a comment on this article. Teams can be submitted before Saturday, Nov. 6 at 1:59 p.m. ET — one minute before the puck drops to begin the 2021-22 PHF season./
  • Remember to include your team’s name in your comment with your roster! We encourage you to have fun and be creative but please keep it PG-13.
  • You can only submit one team for the TIG league but you can make as many teams as you like if you want to make another league with some friends! Please feel free to swipe my player values and make a league of your own. This is all about making women’s fantasy hockey happen. Go do the thing.
  • You can make three changes to your roster over the course of the season. Any change to your roster must be done as a reply to your initial comment on this thread. You may only swap out a player on your roster with a player from the same PHF team who has equal or lesser fantasy value. These rules are subject to change based on injuries and and and all unforeseen calamities. /

That’s it! If you have any questions, you can reach out to Mike Murphy on Twitter or ask in the comments section below. Start building those teams! Have fun and good luck.

Let’s drop the puck.

Special thanks to Anne Tokarski and Spencer Fascetta for assisting with player valuation.