The Boston Pride’s New Logo is Awesome

The Pack is back with a new look

The Boston Pride just unveiled their new logo for their third season, and holy smokes is it a huge leap in the right direction.

After two seasons with the “PRIDE” wordmark logo featuring the claw mark as a capital “I”, Boston will begin wearing their third different jersey in three years. Season one’s jerseys were a golden color. Last season’s white jersey was not a big hit with fans, and this rebranding now gives the Pride an opportunity to start from scratch.

The group that created the new Pride logo, M Style Marketing, has worked with a number of high profile firms before, including Marvel, the US Postal Service, and the NHL.

Here’s what Rob Striar, founder of M Style, had to say to say about their design choice:

“We created a brand worthy of the players and fans of the Boston Pride. A stoic and fierce lion was illustrated to present the tough image of the Pride, the NWHL’s first champions. The lioness is well known for its hunting prowess as well as ability to work within complex teamwork — perfectly summing up the Pride."

The reaction on Twitter has been very positive and very encouraging so far:

Hopefully this partnership with M Style blossoms. Seeing every team with updated, fresh and modern logos would be a huge boost for publicity.