Ten Minutes for Driving Episode Ep. 4

Ten Minutes for Driving Episode Four! Let's talk playoff hockey and early candidates for Playoff MVP.

Ten Minutes for Driving Episode Ep. 4
Photo by Gimmel Magaway / Unsplash

The PWHL playoffs are underway and it's Monday, which means it's time for another episode of Ten Minutes for Driving. Sadly, we had no guest critters interrupting the recording today. On the bright side, Game Two of Montreal and Boston is finally over.

This podcast, which features Mike Murphy talking to himself during part of his morning commute, is available only to paid subscribers of The Ice Garden. This show is unedited and might feature spicy language on occasion.

This week, Mike discusses some news out of PWHL New York, one playoff series that is going how he thought it would go, and another series that is absolutely not going the way he thought it would go.