Ten Minutes for Driving Episode Ep. 5

Ten Minutes for Driving Episode Ep. 5 - Mike talks Game 1 of Boston vs Minnesota, Natalie Spooner, Michela Cava, Susanna Tapani and much more

Ten Minutes for Driving Episode Ep. 5
Photo by David Maltais / Unsplash

Game One of the inaugural PWHL Walter Cup Final is in the books and there is much to discuss. As it turns out, it's Monday, which means it's time for Mike to discuss things with himself in the first leg of his morning commute. That's right friends, it's time for another episode of Ten Minutes for Driving.

This podcast, which features Mike Murphy talking to himself during part of his morning commute, is available only to paid subscribers of The Ice Garden. This show is completely unedited and might feature spicy language on occasion.

Today, Mike talks about the unexpected 2024 Walter Cup Final matchup, the big years we saw from Natalie Spooner and Kristen Campbell, the impact of Susanna Tapani, and much more. This week's podcast was briefly interrupted by a fox darting across the road, which delighted our host maybe more than it should. The Disney princess energy is absolutely off the charts.