Ten Minutes for Driving Episode 8

In the latest episode of Ten Minutes for Driving, Mike shares his thoughts on the PWHL award winners and PWHL Toronto's solid draft class.

Ten Minutes for Driving Episode 8
Photo by Rod Long / Unsplash

It's Monday and it's foggy in New Jersey, which means it's time for a new episode of the Ten Minutes for Driving podcast with the intermittent sound of rubbery windshield wipers.

This podcast, which features Mike Murphy talking to himself during part of his morning commute, is available only to paid subscribers of The Ice Garden. This show is completely unedited and might feature spicy language on occasion. Also, wild animals. There are frequently animals interrupting the recording. It's a whole thing.

In this episode, Mike is not visited by any critters (bummer) but he still discusses the PWHL Awards winners and shares some thoughts on PWHL Toronto's underrated draft class. Want to know Mike's hot take for who should have won Forward of the Year? Tune in to find out.

Ten Minutes for Driving Episode 8

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