Ten Minutes for Driving Ep. 3 - PWHL Playoffs!

Ten Minutes for Driving: Episode 3! This podcast is available only to TIG's paid subscribers. In this episode, Mike talks about playoff matchups and raccoons.

Ten Minutes for Driving Ep. 3 - PWHL Playoffs!
Photo by Foad Roshan / Unsplash

That's right, it's a two-podcast week for Ten Minutes for Driving! Why? Because it's the playoffs. This podcast, which features Mike Murphy talking to himself during part of his morning commute, is available only to paid subscribers of The Ice Garden.

This week, Mike discusses the end of the PWHL season, the first five things he would do as general manager of PWHL New York, and what it was like to attend last week's game between PWHL New York and Ottawa at the Prudential Center. This episode's special guest is a local McDonald's resident raccoon. Paid subscribers will get to see the pictures I snapped of our special guest mid-podcast – and hear my genuine reaction to seeing an unexpected critter.

I'm still figuring out how to establish an RSS feed that only our paid subscribers have access to. If anyone has any tips, please shoot me an email.