Team Harvey’s preview: PWHPA 2022-23

Marie-Philip Poulin and Ann-Renée Desbiens lead Harvey’s into 2022-23

Forwards: Emily Clark; Rosalie Demers; Clair Degeorge Jessie Eldridge; Karell Emard; Alexa Grushchow; Rhianna Kurio; Bailey Larson; Marie-Philip Poulin; Alexandra Poznikoff; Jamie Lee Rattray; Hayley Scamurra; Sophia Shaver

Defense: Mellissa Channell; Laura Fortino; Jacquie Greco; Savannah Harmon; Kristen Richards; Lauriane Rougeau; Lee Stecklein

Goaltenders: Marlène Boissonnault; Ann-Renée Desbiens; Geneviève Lacasse

Staff: Danièle Sauvageau (GM/Head Coach)


From first puck drop, this team should have the strongest goaltending in the PWHPA. Desbiens has proven herself over the last five years as the gold standard of netminding. She is a cerebral player with quick reflexes proven to be consistent in high-pressure situations. She is joined by Boissonnault, the talented Cornell product with three previous years of PWHPA experience. Lacasse, a proven goaltender with experience across every corner of women’s hockey, completes the trio.


Any team that features the best goalie and forward in the world will be a threat. There’s no doubt that these two alone could drive Team Harvey’s, but depth could be a real issue. Harvey’s lacks the explosive power and talent deep in their lineup that some other teams boast. This may be the trade-off for having Poulin. While the top line will dominate other teams, the others could frequently find themselves pinned in their end.

I would, however, love to be proven wrong. This team has a lot of players who sit on the fringe of the national teams. Players like Eldridge, Fortino, and Larson hoping to prove they’re worthy spots at camp.

Players to watch

Alexandra Poznikoff

Poznikoff was electric in the 2021-22 PWHPA season. She is a speedy winger with smooth hands and a quick shot. Poznikoff came to the PWHPA in 2020 following five U SPORTS seasons with the University of Alberta. She was a part of the U SPORTS national championship-winning team in 2017 and won the Brodrick trophy in 2019. She shone last year without the Olympians in the PWHPA and will be looking to continue the momentum. She is a model for the quality of players U SPORTS can produce.

Emily Clark

Clark is a true fan favourite. She works hard at both ends of the ice forechecking with aggression. At the whistle, Clark is quick to fearlessly drive right into scrums standing up for her teammates with valour. She’s more than just tough and bravado – Clark is a talented forward with a strong stick around the net. At the 2022 Olympics, she had two goals and an assist beating her one goal at the previous games. She does all of this with just a little bit of sass, making watching her a joy for fans and a villain for opponents.


Sauvageau is a legend of Canadian hockey. She gained massive notoriety in 2002 when she led the Canadian Women to their first Olympic gold. She was praised for inspiring the team that finally overcame the Americans in women’s hockey. Most recently, she has served as the general manager for the UdeM Carabins, PWHPA Montreal’s coach and manager, and CEO, President, and Coach of Centre 21.02. She will provide the best possible leadership to this team and can make Harvey’s substantially more than the sum of its parts.