Talking TikTok with the Boston Pride’s rookies

Boston Pride rookies Christina Putigna and Tori Sullivan have taken the hockey world by storm — both on and off the ice

It’s not every day you’re launched into stardom for reasons other than your on-ice ability.

The first week of the 2019-2020 season, GM of the Boston Pride Karilyn Pilch approached Christina Putigna and Tori Sullivan and told them they had been selected to spearhead the Pride’s newest foray into social media: TikTok. As two of the youngest members of the Pride’s roster, Putigna and Sullivan were responsible for generating hockey-related content for the Pride to post on their page.

We sat down to Zoom call with the two rookies to talk all things TikTok — including what they think of their most viral video and some of their favorite trends.

If you can’t see the video, click here to watch.

Take a look at their most viral creation — currently at almost 900,000 views and over 95,000 likes!

On the call, Tori and Christina mentioned some of the TikToks they thought were more likely to go viral: Tori being confused at the drills Coach Mara would draw up during practice —

— and their reactions to being bag skated.

While Putigna credits Sullivan with being the brains behind most of the content on the Pride’s page, veteran defender Lexi Bender is also in on the fun — she came up with a hockey twist on the popular fridge trend, which already has over 4500 views on TikTok.

With Putigna re-signed with the Pride for next season, here’s hoping that TikTok is just the beginning of player-generated content from these two.

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