Sources: Digit Murphy to be named President of Riveters

The Ice Garden has confirmed with multiple sources that Digit Murphy will be the Team President for the Riveters for Season 8.

Editors note: an earlier version of this article did not mention Digit Murphy’s previous association with the Women’s Sports Policy Working Group, a group who’s views are transphobic and works to undermine the fight for transgender rights. She was listed as a supporter on their website and cut ties to the group after it came to light in May 2021.

The Ice Garden has confirmed with multiple sources that Digit Murphy, who is currently the President and Director of Player Personnel for the Toronto Six, will be joining the Metropolitan Riveters for the upcoming season as their Team President. Murphy has been with the Six since their inception, and also served as the team’s Head Coach during their inaugural season (2020-21). There is no timetable currently for an announcement.

Murphy has a lengthy resume in hockey at both the collegiate and professional levels. As far as we can tell from the Riveters’ website, amongst their long list of team staff members, they didn’t have a Team President this past season.

TIG has heard that some other changes could be in store for the Rivs’ staff but has been unable to confirm any of those rumors. The connection between the Rivs and the Six are Johanna (Toronto) and John (Metropolitan) Boynton. The Boyntons are the respective chairpeople of the Six and Riveters.

In the 2021-22 PHF season, the Riveters finished with a record of 7-12-1 — good for fourth in the standings. The Six, on the other hand, came up just short of being crowned regular season champions with a record of 16-3-1.

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