Source: PHFPA and Alex Sinatra to Part Ways

the PHF Players Association has informed Alex Sinatra that they are moving away from her as their Executive Director

The Ice Garden has confirmed that an announcement will be coming that the PHF Players Association has informed Alex Sinatra, who was selected to be the PA’s Executive Director on January 3, that they are moving away from her.

The decision was made on Thursday night (Jan. 27) so Sinatra’s tenure as the head of the PA lasted less than a month. A person involved in the process informed us that the players were unhappy with how Sinatra represented them to not only the owners but also to the media in whatever appearances she made. Perhaps the tipping point was her appearance on a recent podcast where she mentioned the players being upset with the commissioner of the PHF, Ty Tumminia. Which they are not.

One source told us that the call to inform Sinatra of their plans, ‘kind of solidified the decision (we made) in a sense.’

For the PHFPA - it’s back to the drawing board as they attempt (again) to fill the role vacated by Anya Packer when she accepted the job of General Manager with the Metropolitan Riveters. Packer had held the role since taking over for Erika Lawler following the first NWHL season.